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EMR/Technology Integration

Behind every successful medical practice is a robust practice management and medical billing software system. 

Coronis Health is an innovation leader and works with practices to help them select the best platform for their needs while helping maximize productivity and boosting the bottom line.

What does “Full Transparency” mean?

It means you see what we see. Every spreadsheet and piece of data is yours to look over. We don’t hide our data behind fancy reports and buzz words. You see the nitty-gritty. We help you navigate through the data to make the best decision for your practice’s financial future.

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Technical Support

As an added benefit, Coronis Health provides clients with I.T. support and technical issue resolution via E-Mail, phone, on-site, internet, and other electronic mediums. Our I.T. services provide configuration of the client’s software to application servers, identify and correct or advise on operational issues in client computer systems. Our I.T. Department is able to work independently and efficiently.

If you’re interested in partnering with Coronis Health to make your tech integration seamless, contact us today.