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Top Billing Mistakes Made by Physician Owned Cath Labs

December 3, 2018

Many cardiology physicians are choosing to own the their own cath labs. It provides an additional revenue stream and allows more control over patient care. While there are significant upsides to physician owned cath labs, the billing can prove to be challenging. In this post we’re going to address the top billing mistakes made and how to avoid them.

 1. Documentation

Documentation is the key to getting paid. Providers must be thorough and complete.      Remember to include the movement of catheters, all diagnostic procedures performed and interventions.  In addition, include which vessels were ballooned, stented and if atherectomy was done.

 2. Coding

One of the most common coding mistakes is the primary dx does not support the code being billed. If you’re billing multiple cpt and diagnosis codes, the dx code must match. In addition, make sure the dx code is listed as the primary dx for that line.

What challenges do you face in owning a cath lab? We would love to hear about your success and failures with your cath lab revenue cycle.

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