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Impact of Improved PFS Conversion Factors

Last week, we sent out a special alert, which included news that the U.S. Congress had essentially halved the Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS) conversion factor reduction for 2024, meaning there should be more money coming your way in Medicare payments than previously expected for this year. For your Medicare EOBs for services performed on […]

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Getting Paid for Someone Else’s Work: The Hidden Hurdles of Incident-To Billing

It’s not an unknown phenomenon. Getting paid for something that was at least partially performed or created by someone else is a well-established practice. Thomas Edison was well known for taking the inventions of others, including his employees, and appropriating them as his own, receiving the acclaim and a hefty pay day (Nikola Tesla was […]

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What Modifiers Are Used for Behavioral Health Billing? 

Modifiers are used in healthcare billing to indicate a procedure or type of service provided in addition to an evaluation and management service or to identify the level of a provider. A modifier code is typically two characters (numbers or letters) that are added to the procedure codes in the claim. Modifiers in behavioral health […]

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Why Your Practice Should Outsource Anesthesia Medical Billing

Anesthesia billing is a complex process that can be a burden for inexperienced staff members who are already managing too many tasks. To maximize cash flow while remaining compliant with the ever-changing rules and regulations, consider the benefits an expert anesthesiology billing company can provide. How Outsourcing Anesthesia Billing Can Help Your Practice Outsourcing anesthesia […]

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How Is Anesthesia Time Calculated for Coding and Billing?

Anesthesia medical billing and coding rely on accurate documentation of services, including reporting time units. Failing to calculate time properly can result in denied or rejected claims, which impacts your facility’s revenue. Below, we explain how to calculate anesthesia time units and break down their integral role in billing and coding. Understanding the Basics of […]

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The Advantages of Outsourcing Anesthesiology Billing Services

It is not enough to rely on a few staff members to handle the complexity of anesthesia billing when they are already wearing too many hats at work. If you want to maximize your revenue while staying compliant with rules and regulations, consider the value that an expert anesthesiology billing company can bring to your […]

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Anesthesia Medical Billing RCM: What to Know

Adhering to the medical billing rules and guidelines specific to anesthesia care is required in order to accurately report anesthesia services and get reimbursed in a timely manner. Anesthesia medical billing can be complex and time-consuming, which is why most facilities choose to partner with a medical billing company to achieve a more efficient workflow, […]

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5 Billing Tips for Ophthalmology Facilities to Maximize Reimbursements

Success in ophthalmology medical billing relies on efficient and timely collections. Submitting consistently clean claims and getting paid on time can help keep your ophthalmology practice afloat.  The following are medical billing tips that will help your facility maximize your revenue flow: 1. Understand the Ophthalmology Billing Process and What Is Required for Each Claim […]

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5 Ways Outsourcing EMS Medical Billing Services Can Improve Your Organization’s Bottom Line

Every business wants to optimize profitability, and those in the healthcare industry are no exception. Collecting payments from insurance companies and patients can be time-consuming and complicated, adversely affecting your balance sheet. By outsourcing EMS medical billing services, you can extend your organization’s accounts receivable department, increase efficiency, focus on your core business strategies, and […]

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