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Why Your Practice Should Outsource Anesthesia Medical Billing

March 31, 2023

Anesthesia billing is a complex process that can be a burden for inexperienced staff members who are already managing too many tasks. To maximize cash flow while remaining compliant with the ever-changing rules and regulations, consider the benefits an expert anesthesiology billing company can provide.

How Outsourcing Anesthesia Billing Can Help Your Practice

Outsourcing anesthesia billing services is one of the most valuable business decisions your practice can make. With the expertise, robust business intelligence, and tailored solutions you gain, you can optimize your revenue and get back to focusing on treating patients. 

Outsourcing your anesthesia medical billing and coding offer many advantages. It can:

Take the Hassle Out of Compliance and Coding Regulations

coronis health anesthesiologist medical biller examining documents

New rules and regulations in healthcare, whether in the form of billing codes for anesthesia, insurance rules, or modified fees, make anesthesia billing and coding a challenge. You need a dedicated team of experts whose primary responsibility is to stay abreast of new coding information. Billing companies maintain their competitive edge by remaining up to date with these constant changes.

Partnering with billing experts ensures you are compliant with the latest anesthesia billing guidelines, plus expert billers can certify that they are submitting clean and accurate claims. With compliance and accurate documentation, you can expect faster collections.

Ensure Your Anesthesia Billing Claims Are Submitted on Time

By outsourcing billing for anesthesia services, you reap the benefits of streamlined processes, workflows, and reduced billing errors. A team of highly trained professionals produces more accurate claims and paves the way for faster submissions and payment. 

Allow for Better Patient Care

Outsourcing medical billing enables you to alleviate the stress from your staff, who are already wearing too many hats at work. Since your partner solely manages all billing functions, your staff can be more present as they focus on their patients’ needs, leading to increased patient satisfaction and retention rates.

How to Find the Best Anesthesia Billing Partner for Your Practice

Consider the following factors when selecting an anesthesia billing partner:

  • Choose a company with expertise in anesthesia medical billing–healthcare specialties each come with billing requirements and challenges. You need a partner that has billing expertise in your specialty. These professionals have the training to bill and code your claims for faster payment processing accurately.
  • Choose a company that provides reliable support–you need more than basic billing services. Look for a company that provides support throughout the entire revenue cycle process. 
coronis health anesthesiologist consulting senior patient
  • Choose a company with exceptional customer service–you face challenges daily. Choose a partner who offers quick support whenever necessary. Reliable and consistent customer service ensures that your practice can mitigate issues and remain on track to success.
  • Choose a company that provides data transparency–you still need to monitor your business. Choose a partner that gives you real-time access to any data you need to review.

What to Expect from an Anesthesia Billing Service

Coronis Health is an experienced revenue cycle management organization that acts as an extension of your team. As an anesthesia billing company with advanced knowledge and training, we can help automate tasks to improve clinical and operational efficiencies and deliver a more seamless patient-doctor experience. You can expect a more proactive revenue cycle management and the following benefits:

  • Medical billing specialization that ensures accuracy and accelerates performance–from patient scheduling and insurance eligibility verification to coding, charge entry, and claim submission, you can expect an expert team to handle the extensive billing process. With our expertise in anesthesia, our team can reduce errors, meticulously perform follow-ups to chase every last dollar you are owed, and expedite the entire payment process.
  • Transparency–as your partner, we improve the visibility of your performance and results in real-time. You can oversee your medical billing system and keep track of errors, helping you make better business decisions that impact billing and collections.
  • Reduced costs–outsourcing medical billing reduces the need for additional software, staff members, and training. 
  • Scalability to facilitate growth–you gain the flexibility to scale when outsourcing billing. Billing services provide a broad suite of solutions that standardize revenue cycle processes. With technology tools to automate tasks, you can simplify workflows while improving the agility of your billing process and, as a result, effectively work toward growth and development. 

To learn more about our anesthesiology medical billing solutions or how to optimize your billing process, contact Coronis Health to request your free financial check-up

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