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Coronis Health provides a full spectrum of EMS consulting services as well as medical billing and collection solutions to the ambulance services industry.

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“As a strategic partner since 2014, Coronis has delivered unmatched expertise in revenue cycle management (RCM) to CPCA members. Because Coronis focuses exclusively on the RCM of community health centers, we found that their service line was the best fit for our members. We have a long history of working with Coronis and we look forward to building on that into the future.”

Robert Beaudry
Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
California Primary Care Association

“We feel a sense of peace knowing that a team of experts is there to support our revenue cycle in a multitude of aspects. This allows our organization to focus the bulk of our energy on caring for our patients, who need it the most.”

Sierra Webster-Calvert
Financial Operations Manager
Westside Family Healthcare

“Our Account Manager is great to work with and her response time to our questions is kept to a minimum.”

Phyllis R. Young
Billing Liaison
Franklin Primary Health Center, Inc.

“Coronis Health completely simplifies the process of medical billing. Top-notch!”

Hematologist and Medical Oncologist
Orlando, FL

“We are happy that we switched to Coronis Health. They are dependable and easy to reach. Our revenues since switching have improved and we gladly endorse them.”

Port St. Lucie, FL

“Seriously you guys really did an amazing job getting us up and rolling in record time! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m very grateful for you and your team!”

Kathleen Delgado
South Miami Recovery
Miami, FL

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Practice Management
Coronis Health can customize your monthly reports so it is faster and easier for you to monitor your key monthly interests. Coronis Health supplies ambulance providers with the technology and consulting services needed to cover the full spectrum of their revenue cycle needs. Coronis assists with everything from the pre-bill function to pre-hospital information management […]
Coronis Health takes the headache out of assessing licensed professionals, organizational members, or organizations’ backgrounds and legitimacy. It takes diligence to ensure providers are appropriately credentialed and promptly. Our industry-leading tech innovations mean credentialing is a painless process. Our revenue cycle management clients receive credentialing with their service. Coronis Health’s Speciality Practice team has 100+ […]
Third Party Medical Billing
We provide unparalleled efficiency to our customers when it comes to electronic medical billing and claims follow-up. Coronis Health has extensive experience in the industry, specializing in the reimbursement and billing arena. Our team is made up of certified coders and industry veterans with expertise in cutting-edge billing technology so that you can be confident […]
Coronis Health's caring approach to collections gets results for our clients. We ensure your collections process is simple to manage and help you keep denials to a minimum. As a successful billing service, you need a tool that can help you pursue and effectively resolve 100% of insurance claims – at a minimal cost to […]
Certified Coding
With extensive experience providing coding services to EMS, our team of certified coders will help you get your coding right the first time.  Coronis Health’s Coding Services provide temporary, long term, or complete coding department outsourcing solutions for all account types and reimbursement methodologies. We offer flexible remote coding solutions specifically designed to fit your […]
Scanning and Archiving
Electronic health records (EHRs) help you provide your patients with the highest level of care while increasing your practice’s effectiveness and efficiency. Coronis Health’s scanning services enable medical offices to convert their medical records to digital media, meeting today’s medical community’s demands. EHRs can then be archived for safe-keeping and long-term retention. Once Coronis has […]

What Makes Us Different

At Coronis Health, we use the latest electronic medical billing techniques to ensure the highest returns for Emergency Medical Services possible. We go after the last dollar so you can focus on patient care. We are software agnostic, so our expert billers can start work on your system immediately. We specialize in getting claims out correctly the first time to avoid unnecessary claims.

Who We Serve

Coronis Health is proud to serve a variety of  Emergency Medical Services (EMS) clients.

  • Hospital-Based Ambulance Systems

    Coronis Health billing and collection practices boost collection rates and speed payments to hospitals. We’re ahead of the curve when changes and updates to federal or commercial insurance forms or policies are released, and we scrupulously maintain compliance with all HIPAA regulations, Red Flag rules, and all other federal, state, and local regulations that can affect your hospital-based ambulance service. Our up-to-date knowledge of regulations minimizes denials and ups your revenue.

  • Private Ambulance Providers

    The Coronis team tailors claim management processes to meet clients’ specific needs, whether you treat 100 patients or 100,000 a year. We link concern and compassion for patients to your financial goals and regulatory requirements and target those issues that are specific to your privately run ambulance service. We offer global capabilities and high-touch service you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Volunteer Squads

    New funding made available through cost recovery will be used to offset the rising costs associated with supporting your rescue squad and helping you to continue to provide the best possible services to the county and/or township citizens.

  • Municipal 911 Systems

    At Coronis Health, your reimbursement does not begin with the submission of a claim. It begins with a defined and customized revenue recovery plan tailored to your municipal 911 system. We have a consistent track record of increasing your cash flow once your unique requirements and demands are identified through our free financial checkup.

  • Non-Emergency Providers

    We consistently increase our clients’ efficiency via improved claims processing models, accounts receivable timelines, and decreased claims rejections. We are experts in benchmarking your specific needs, knowing how to increase your revenue cycle, and bringing you the peace of mind you rely upon to provide excellent service to your patients. Let us manage your medical billing so you can focus on what you do best: patient care.

  • Fire EMS

    Coronis Health is a highly trusted and respected ambulance billing provider servicing a wide array of customers. We use the latest technology and a proactive and innovative billing approach proven to maximize revenue. This enables you to generate the earnings you need to acquire the necessary equipment and staff to serve the unique needs of your community and remain independent.

Free Financial Checkup

We Find Missing Revenue In 95% Of Our Reviews

– Comprehensive review of your complete revenue cycle
– Compare key metrics against competitors in your specialty
– Review patient and insurance A/R, charges, and fee schedules

*Rate is based on collections volume

More About Coronis Health

What Emergency Medical Billing & Coding Services Do We Provide?

With more than 100 years of combined experience in the medical billing service industry, we’re able to offer our clients unmatched emergency billing services, such as:

  • Department Budgeting
  • EMS Department Performance Statistics
  • Managed Care Marketplace Evaluation
  • Field Data Capture and Analysis
  • Revenue Forecasting
  • Claims Status
  • Claim Denial Management
  • Claims Aging Reports
  • Labor Resources
  • Marketplace Penetration
  • Assess and Address RAC Audit Liabilities
  • Coding and Billing
  • Charge and Pricing Management
  • Underpayment Analysis
  • Payer Reimbursement Trends
  • Monthly Volume Reports

Some of our key services benefits include:

Practice Management

Efficiency is key when managing an EMS facility. At Coronis Health, we can customize your monthly reports and supply the right technology, consulting services, and more to ensure you’re meeting your monthly financial goals.


Credentialing can be a painstaking process for EMS facilities. We know how quickly slow credentialing impacts your revenue cycle. To accelerate the process, Coronis Health utilizes state-of-the-art technology to promptly credential your providers.

Billing and Coding

Coronis Health specializes in reimbursement and billing, and we use cutting-edge software to ensure we’re consistently improving your revenue cycle. Our coders and billers are always up to date on changes to EMS codes and billing processes to prevent roadblocks in collections.


There’s no need to complicate the collections process. Coronis Health works directly with insurance companies and patients to prevent claim denials and maximize your reimbursement. Our streamlined process results in higher collections without any extra work on your part.

Typical Issues Faced With ED Billing

Each medical speciality has its own unique billing challenges that can impact revenue, and emergency medical services are no different. One of the most complex issues in EMS billing stems from ED services, such as supplies, medications, reserved room time, and support staff. When emergency physicians code and bill separately from ED services, hospitals can inadvertently under report the actual services they provided to patients. These coding and billing mistakes aren’t just time-consuming to correct, they’re also likely to result in lost revenue.

Benefits of Using Coronis Health for Emergency Billing & Coding

Coronis Health has a proven combination of professional people, technology and detailed EMS industry experience. We speak EMS and our leadership has been in your shoes so we understand what is needed to perform at the highest level. Coronis Health truly becomes part of your EMS department and a trusted partner. We will provide meaningful and dependable solutions through time-proven billing and collections methods to increase your revenue while handling your claims in a timely and compliant manner. 

What Your Emergency Services Consultation Will Look Like

Your emergency services consultation focuses on assessing your facility’s financial health and wellbeing. During your financial health checkup, we’ll perform a comprehensive analysis of your revenue cycle to identify deficiencies and make the appropriate modifications promptly. This data allows us to compare your metrics against industry standards and competitors in your field. With a comprehensive consultation, Coronis Health can also evaluate patient and insurance A/R charges, fee schedules, and more.

Contact Us To Outsource your EMS Billing

Coronis Health has the best talent, technology, and resources to increase your total revenue. Contact us today to schedule a free financial health checkup to find out how our medical billing service can eliminate your claim denials and maximize your profits.

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