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Our Expertise, Your Advantage: Industry-Leading Revenue Cycle Management Solutions Tailored to You

Achieve reliable cash flow and efficiency across your entire medical billing operation with proven expertise and AI-driven insights.

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RCM, Reimagined

Coronis Health provides proven healthcare revenue cycle and medical billing expertise, combining technology, strategic partnerships, and high-touch relationships.

Transform your RCM with our data-driven, proprietary method that accelerates payments and enables you to concentrate on care.


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Why Leading Healthcare Organizations Partner With Us

  • The Coronis Way

    Unique in every way from start to finish, The Coronis Way is like having your own in-house biller with the capabilities of an international tech-enabled company with transparent, robust reporting and data-driven solutions.
  • Financial Prosperity

    Starting with a complimentary revenue cycle management analysis, we show you trends, competitive analysis data, and business intelligence to ensure you beat every benchmark and achieve the most prosperous financial results.
  • High-Performance Technology

    Our impressive list of partners, automation tools, and AI technology connects with your current software and EHR platform for a world-class revenue cycle management workflow and provides insights so you better understand your business today and in the future.
  • Decades of Niche Expertise

    Strategic collaboration from the best of the best in revenue cycle management ensures we understand your facility’s competitive landscape and nuances to help you get to the next level.

Medical Billing Services for any EHR or PM Platform

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Seriously you guys really did an amazing job getting us up and rolling in record time! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’m very grateful for you and your team!

Kathleen Delgado, South Miami Recovery

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your team and responsiveness to inquiries. The UR and SCA process is going so much more smoothly than it has in the past.

Ashley Steelman

We have used Coronis Health for over three years, and the transparency and thoroughness of the billing process are outstanding. We can attest to the integrity of Coronis and to their commitment to our financial success in a difficult revenue cycle management environment.

David Baum, MD
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Medical billing expertise and proven results, aligned to your specific needs


Remove administrative burdens with Anesthesia Touch™, an automated medical record-keeping solution.

Learn More

Experience increased cash flow when using our proprietary technology and outsourcing support, designed with our niche lab knowledge.

Learn More

Empower your practice by fixing the gaps in RCM operations with data-driven decision-making with a partner that understands your processes.

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Behavioral Health

Increase reimbursements with medical billing and claims support for this category, available for IPs, PHPs, and IOPs.

Learn More
Emergency Medicine

Implement a specialized RDM solution with access to expert coders and personalized A/R services to reduce errors and speed up reimbursements.

Learn More

Reduce financial obstacles with RCM solutions that draw from our EMS professionals’ knowledge, simplifying reporting and coding.

Learn More

Work with us to find missing revenue, increase collections, and simplify billing to ensure financial reliability for your practice.

Learn More

Leverage compliance expertise and patient-centric strategies to navigate challenges and changes with innovative RCM services and technology.

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Business Process Outsourcing

Receive support for all your revenue cycle management needs from a network of over 10,000 healthcare professionals.

Learn More

Demystify the RCM process with a solution tailored to comply with regulations and deliver financial analytics.

Learn More

Eliminate Challenges and Gaps with Modern Medical Coding and Billing

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Take Control of Your Finances

Deploy customized, data-driven solutions to accomplish your financial goals.

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Put Your Patients First

Prioritize care delivery over admin hassles with our coding and billing services.

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Effortlessly Stay Up-to-Date

Be confident you’re always compliant with changing regulations as our customer.

Icon of a smartphone and a desktop monitor displaying a medical cross
Enjoy Complete Transparency

Obtain visibility into all claims and billing activities with RCM solutions that bring clarity to every part of the billing workflow.

Icon of a folder with a section bookmarked
Gain Direct Access to Experts

Collaborate with RCM experts to ensure your organization is proactive and prepared in an ever-changing industry.

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Get Rid of Tedious Tasks

Employ automation and AI integrated into your current tech stack without the need for staff to learn a new platform.

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