Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Choose Your Path to Revenue Cycle Success with Flexible and Scalable Solutions

Coronis Health provides Revenue Cycle Solutions for health systems, hospitals, and physician practices across the country. Coronis is one of the largest healthcare Business Process Outsourcing companies in the US, employing over 10,000 associates worldwide.

Trust Coronis Health to deliver the tailored solutions you need for a seamless revenue cycle experience.

Coronis Health named a leader in the Everest Group’s 2023 Revenue Cycle Management Operations PEAK Matrix® Assessment

This achievement underscores our unwavering dedication to guiding healthcare facilities through evolving challenges while maintaining exceptional patient care standards. It’s a significant milestone that fuels our commitment to driving innovation and excellence in healthcare financial management.

Discover the Benefits of Partnering with Coronis Health BPO

1. Reduce your administrative burden with our end-to-end and á la carte solutions for improved financial performance with less stress.

2. Trust our certified coders and documentation specialists to ensure accurate and timely claims submissions that eliminate compliance risks.

3. Experience faster revenue realization by identifying and resolving revenue leakage.

4. Leverage advanced technology and analytics tools to enhance operational efficiency and achieve better financial outcomes.

BPO RCM Specialties

  • Coding – IP, OP, & Professional
  • Coding Review & Audit Services
  • Registration & Insurance Verification
  • Prior Authorization Support
  • AR Billing & Follow-up
  • Denial Management & Appeal Preparation
  • Backlog Clean-up Projects & AR Wind-downs
  • Credit Balance Processing

Why Leading Healthcare Providers Partner With Us

Partnering with Coronis BPO means gaining access to tailored solutions that optimize and simplify the intricate administrative tasks of healthcare providers.

Expert Coding Solutions

Our experienced coders specialize in accurate coding for inpatient (IN), outpatient (OP), professional services, and Hierarchical Condition Categories (HCC), ensuring optimal reimbursement and compliance.

Efficient Patient Registration and Insurance Verification

Streamline the patient registration process, verify insurance information accurately, and enhance the patient experience, leading to improved revenue capture and reduced claim denials.

Effective Prior Authorization Services

Our dedicated team provides comprehensive prior authorization support, ensuring timely approvals and minimizing reimbursement delays, so you can focus on delivering quality care.

Proactive Billing & A/R Follow-up

Experience efficient and effective accounts receivable (AR) billing and follow-up services, resulting in faster reimbursement, reduced AR days, and improved cash flow for your practice.

Expert Denial Management

Trust our specialists to handle denial management and appeal preparation, identifying and resolving issues promptly to optimize revenue recovery and minimize revenue loss.

Continuous Account Resolution

Our team efficiently manages backlog clean-up projects and AR wind-downs, ensuring timely resolution and maximizing revenue collection for your practice.

The Coronis Advantage

  • Commitment to healthcare
  • 100% healthcare revenue cycle services
  • Broad service offerings
  • Excellent performance focused on both cash collections and AR aging goals
  • Commitment to Quality, Security, and Compliance
  • SOC 2 Type II certified
  • Ongoing training and auditing
  • Evaluated alongside our client’s internal staff
  • Commitment to Technology
  • Customized automation by project
  • Oasis System – Inventory segmentation – Customized worklists – Target areas of high priority

Serving Healthcare Organizations Nationwide