Emergency Department Billing

Clear the Way for Life-Saving Care with Simplified RCM

Medical Reimbursement Inc. (MRI), Medical Account Services (MAS), and MiraMed Global Services, with a combined 100 years of ED/EHP specialized end-to-end revenue cycle management services, are now part of Coronis Health.

Schedule a no-cost financial checkup to find and close holes in your revenue cycle. We find missing revenue in 95% of our audits.

Discover the Benefits of Partnering with Coronis Health

1. Cut down on coding complications with seasoned specialists who understand the nuances of coding for emergency departments.

2. Lower A/R and minimize denials with accurate coding, thorough documentation, timely claim submission, proactive denial management, and follow-up on underpayments.

3. Get the full package—or don’t—with end-to-end and à la carte solutions tailored to your unique needs and financial goals.

4. Free up time and improve your emergency department’s financial health to focus exclusively on patient care.

Global Capabilities, Specialized Solutions for Every Emergency Provider

  • Emergency Medicine Coding 
  • Billing
  • Posting & Collections
  • A/R Follow-Up/Denial Management
  • Provider Documentation Training/Assistance
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Census Reconciliation 
  • Audit Support 
  • Third-Party Payer Contract Assistance 
  • Pediatric ED/EHP Services

Why Leading Emergency Departments Turn to Coronis Health

Access to Expert Coders and Educational Guidance

Partnering with Coronis Health provides access to expert coders with a deep understanding of Emergency Department billing codes, including pediatric for ED/EHP, ensuring proper documentation and reducing denials.

Gain Expertise from Industry Leaders with Decades of Experience

Imagine having direct access to experts who can provide educational guidance and strategic collaboration to help your facility stay ahead of the curve and achieve financial success.

A/R and Denial Management with Personalized Solutions

We offer personalized solutions to lower your A/R and denials rates, backed by high-performance technology, tailored to your unique needs.

Error-Free Documentation Coaching

Coronis Health’s personalized end-to-end revenue cycle services empower emergency department providers with education and guidance to enhance their documentation accuracy, ensuring compliance for improved financial performance.

Faster Reimbursement without Administrative Obstacles

With Coronis Health, Emergency Departments can enjoy faster reimbursement and increased cash flow through a simplified financial success model that removes administrative burdens and financial obstacles.

Serving Healthcare Organizations Nationwide