Medical Billing Services Pricing

Outsourcing medical billing services is an effective way to reduce costs in your facility. These services vastly improve workflow efficiency and accuracy of your back-office systems, maximizing your revenue through fewer billing errors and unpaid claims. The challenge lies in selecting the right medical billing services that align with your goals and help you remain financially independent.

Our medical billing specialists at Coronis Health help healthcare facilities navigate the industry’s competitive landscape and find opportunities to achieve optimum reimbursement. Coronis Health will make sure you are 100% compliant, able to receive patients, and bill out-of- or in-network. We will help you employ the best practices to ensure you reduce debt and unpaid bills while maximizing your profits. Furthermore, we deliver top-notch services at very competitive rates.

How Coronis Can Help Reduce Medical Billing Costs

Nothing is more essential to your practice’s profitability than the ability to collect payment and reduce total billing costs. At Coronis Health, we begin by diagnosing the challenges that burden your current processes. Next, we can recommend the best practices for collecting payments faster while reducing costs. We employ advanced technology and the latest software, leading to fewer delinquent accounts, significant cost savings, and faster collections. 

With Coronis Health as your partner, you can increase your profitability by up to 12%. Our team works quickly to get medical billing and A/R follow-up running so you can start hitting and beating financial targets. You’ll receive timely, relevant, and accurate information in a way you can understand. We don’t just help you get money. We help you financially grow. This is why we have a higher rate/claims success rate than most companies in the industry, and our reward is our growing number of satisfied clients.

Medical Billing Pricing – What Services Are Included?

We offer the following services with our medical billing packages: 

  • Patient Eligibility Verification
  • Charge Entry
  • Medical Coding Review by Certified-Coders
  • EDI Rejections Management
  • Payment Posting
  • Accounts Receivable (AR) Management
  • Claims Denial Management
  • Medical Coding Review by Certified-Coders
  • Patient Side of Collection
  • Medical Practice Productivity Review
  • Patient Billing Inquiries Support
  • Financial Key Points Indicators (KPIs) Monthly Reports
  • Payment Posting 
  • Patient Statements Processing

Coronis Health Offers a Wide Range of Medical Billing Solutions

Improving your facility’s financial health relies on your ability to reduce billing costs, increase efficiency, and prepare for unforeseen changes. There is no greater solution for these challenges than partnering with the best in the industry to allow you to collect more payments faster from both patients and payers alike. Coronis Health’s Hospital, Facility & Surgery Center service group offers specialized financial and medical billing solutions to all types of hospitals, including FQHCs, SNFs, LTCs, and surgical centers.

With Coronis Health as your partner, you do not need to worry about dealing with cost pressures and an inadequate supply of skilled medical billers. With our highly competent billers and advanced technology solutions, we can take that load off your shoulders and handle it for you so you can focus all your time on your patients.

Our medical billing services also provide access to clear and comprehensive financial reports. We understand the value of automated processes, which is why we utilize cutting-edge tools to our advantage to deliver cost-effective and efficient services to our clients.

Software agnosticism enables us to provide 100% transparency, allowing you to keep an eye on your financial performance while gaining valuable insights into the way we do business. In addition to being familiar with all significant platforms, Coronis Health also maintains relationships with every primary insurance carrier and helps clients navigate new revenue streams. 

Our track record on handling billing backlog shows we can successfully clear up internal processes, manage redundancies, and get your claims cleared and reimbursed, enabling you to provide quality care while growing your business.

Contact Us Today and Learn How We Can Help You!

At Coronis Health, we understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution, so we will work with you closely to determine your unique needs and goals. By bringing together the best healthcare revenue cycle management and medical billing professionals, we have the workforce and technology to provide the most current and innovative solutions to optimize the billing process, minimize errors, lower your costs, and comply with the latest regulations – all at the best possible rate. 

Are you ready to get started? If you’d like to learn more about how Coronis Health can support your facility’s billing needs, contact us today or request a free financial check-up.