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4 signs your practice is ready to outsource its credentialing services

October 1, 2019

One of the biggest challenges in running a thriving medical practice is credentialing. It’s not always an easy, straightforward process, but it’s necessary to keep your practice as smooth and updated as possible so that you not only enjoy a steady revenue stream but also continue growing and providing the gold standard medical care that you’re known for.

The credentialing expert understand that your staff has a lot on its plate. It can be stressful to maintain things like keeping credentialing up to speed or coordinating with insurance providers. If you’ve had your own practice for even a few years, this does not come as a surprise – and you may have been considering the option of outsourcing your credentialing services to make your staff more efficient, which in turn allows for more consistent cash flow and, ultimately, even better patient care.

But how do you know it’s time to outsource your credentialing services? Here are four questions or aspects to consider that can help you determine the answer.

The 4 Questions To Ask When Considering Outsourcing Your Credential Services

Just How Busy Is Your Staff?

Collecting essential details like insurance information or correct billing addresses from patients is often complicated and strenuous. If your staff is always so busy doing these tasks that other duties, are faltering, such as patient care and support, this could be a major red flag. Their productivity will be vulnerable to declining, and your practice will suffer.

By outsourcing the provider credentialing process, your staff will have more time to concentrate on patient care as well as other responsibilities.

Is Your Staff Overextended?

Many physician practices overburden their staff with so many duties in dealing with the complicated aspects of credentialing that staff efficiency sharply declines. Systems and organized processes may not be in place to maximize efficiency so that the jobs get done correctly and quickly the first time. This makes your staff vulnerable to stress, which eventually leads to their being overextended.

A professional credentialing service like Coronis takes the stress out of this burden. With the knowledge of how to optimize the process, and more than 30 years of experience, Coronis will streamline the process using specialized software and processes that leave your employees with more time to devote to patient care and support as well improvement of the overall patient experience.

A Lack of Expertise

A lack of dedicated staff that’s focused primarily on credentialing likely means gaps in knowledge that could be detrimental to your business. For example, just as your field is continuously evolving, so, too, is the insurance industry. It’s nearly a full-time job just keeping up with all the changes. You and your staff are likely not aware of things like the best insurance providers, current practices, and up-to-the-minute regulations and conditions. This means you’re almost certainly losing out on revenue.

Outsourcing the credentialing process to Coronis ensures this does not happen because of our expertise and knowledge is centered on staying up-to-date with industry changes.

Are Your Patient Support and Services Being Impacted?

The quality of patient care is of utmost importance to your practice and its reputation, and it goes hand in hand with the quality of service and support you provide. You already know how important patient reviews are to your reputation and growth as a business, so you know that practices suffer when poor service and support are given.

By outsourcing the credentialing process to an agency like Coronis, your staff has the time and energy necessary to go above and beyond to deliver the best care, support, and service to your patients. Plus, if they unfortunately but inevitably need medical care and support again, you want your name and practice to be the first one they think about.

Outsourcing to a professional organization in which credentialing is the cornerstone of their business leads to:

  •                 Better patient care
  •                 Happier patients
  •                 Increased revenues
  •                 Timely collections
  •                 Business growth

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