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MSOC Health is a medical billing company that can help your medical practice thrive.

As the healthcare industry faces a constant wave of ever-changing regulatory requirements and patients become more hands-on in making healthcare decisions, physician practices are working harder and harder to stay independent and profitable.

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Medical Billing

Basic and premium medical billing and revenue cycle management service packages, billed as a percentage of your practice’s revenue.

Healthcare Consulting

A la carte consulting services to tackle your healthcare practice’s strategic business challenges and goals.

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revenue cycle management services

Practice Education

Boost your practice’s performance and keep your skills sharp with seminars, blog posts, videos, and more.

We can help build your practice, starting from the ground up.





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“… helped in the critical decision-making steps needed to achieve the growth and success that we have accomplished in a short time.”

Srinivas Boppana, MD
Premier Radiation Oncology Services

“MSOC’s professional staff is their strong point. … I’m sure they would perform well for any practice anywhere.”

Calvin Marshall
PML Pathology

“Our relationship with MSOC goes well beyond revenue cycle management and covers everything with regard to running a medical practice.”

Bradley Scheel
Cary Orthopaedics

“The Coronis team of experts have provided us with guidance through several unexpected situations that required extensive expertise and knowledge of the healthcare environment – both in the Triangle and beyond.”

Jacob A. Rodman, CMPE
Raleigh Neurosurgical Clinic, Inc.

How to Accept the Challenge of Upfront Collections

The term “upfront collections” is the healthcare industry’s fancy way to say paying for services that were rendered. The biggest challenge for medical practices collecting upfront collections isn’t the technology. It’s cultural. Similar to when co-pays were introduced in the 1990’s, it’s essential to make your front-end staff comfortable to ask patients and make your patients understand this new protocol.

About MSOC

At MSOC Health, our mission is to provide the business expertise and knowledge that will assist medical providers in proactively adapting to the changing healthcare environment and allow them to achieve their individual goals and lifestyle choices. We work with each practice to understand its unique characteristics and culture, provide information, and recommend approaches that will move the practice toward its vision of success.

MSOC Health was founded in 1997 as a medical billing company. From his early days as a practice administrator, the founder saw the difficulty practices had in acquiring and maintaining the in-house expertise needed to efficiently manage the revenue cycle. Many business functions of a medical practice are best handled outside of daily operations, so MSOC found its niche in helping clients improve and manage this process.

As MSOC has grown over the years, the healthcare industry has undergone massive changes. This has brought about new complexities for practice management, and MSOC has responded to our clients’ needs. We have built a team of veteran practice administrators and MHA graduates who have current, in-depth knowledge on the many issues physicians, practice administrators, and hospitals face.

Today, we not only offer revenue cycle management, but also consulting services to physicians looking to start a practice, improve business operations, or develop strategies for enhanced business opportunities. To learn more about us, please fill out our online contact form.

MSOC Health | A Coronis Health Company
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