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Medical Billing Unlimited
A Coronis Health Company

Medical Billing Unlimited is now part of Coronis Health

You Care, We Collect

MBU’s mission is to be an integral part of our clients’ practices by establishing a solid partnership that, together, will create a successful business venture


Our absolute focus has been to strive for excellence in the industry; allowing our clients freedom from the financial stress of billing and collecting. MBU has been built on dedication, integrity, loyalty, and truth; principles that still hold true today.

Our mission statement continues to pave the way in our everyday business and define the goals of our long term business plan. By becoming an integral extension to our clients’ practices, we establish ourselves as experts in our industry providing them with knowledge, education, and support needed for mutual success.

Medical Billing Unlimited
5959 Gateway Blvd W
Suite 120
El Paso, TX 79925

Medical Billing Unlimited has joined with Coronis to help create the most outstanding medical billing company in the US. We offer comprehensive medical billing services.