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Focusing on Coding, Emergency Medicine, and Multi-Specialty Billing


MAS provides services to more than 300 physicians and bills more than 750,000 visits annually. They are the experts in Hospital and Professional Fee coding. MAS works with all specialties and has a great deal of experience with Emergency Department (Adult and Pediatric), Critical Care, Orthopedic, Anesthesia, Behavioral Health (in and outpatient), Podiatric, ENT, Internal Medicine, Urgent Care, and Family Practice billing. In order to accomplish this, we stress accurate and complete physician documentation, accountability, and follow-up of all patient accounts.

The Best of Both Worlds, You Can Be a Doctor While We Take Care of Everything Else

Why MAS?

Billing & Coding

Two of the greatest causes of financial loss for a practice are poor documentation and poor accounts receivable follow-up.

Documentation guidelines have become more complicated. Poor documentation can result in denials, undercoding, and audit penalties. This translates to lost revenue.

Accounts receivable follow-up is important if a medical practice is to maximize income

Customer service makes the difference. Today’s patient wants clear and concise answers to their billing questions.

In this world of ever-changing standards, an efficient billing department is a necessity if you want to remain competitive in the medical environment.

You need a billing company that will keep an eye on your interests

Using a sub-par billing company could be costing you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Your patients are entitled to accurate account handling with representatives readily available to answer their questions and help get the claim paid. We will work directly with you to formulate the monthly or weekly reports that provide the information your practice requires. We will work seamlessly with your office staff and provide the support you need.

Solutions and Services

Revenue Cycle Management Services Ranging from 4% to 11% – Depending on the Services Needed

  • End to end Revenue Cycle Management
  • Billing procedures and processes
  • Coding optimization reviews
  • Education programs and services
  • Financial analysis and cash flow reviews
  • Denial follow up
  • Fee schedule reviews
  • Posting of patient and insurance payments
  • Coding and compliance support
  • HIPAA adherent electronic claims submissions
  • Patient account follow-up
  • EHR/PMS reseller
stock image of a medical coder at work

With nearly 25 years of experience, we understand that one service does not fit all practices. We have exceptional experience in billing procedures and the processes which go along with them. We help to ensure that your claims are submitted quickly and accurately, while at the same time making sure you are reimbursed the maximum amount possible. We can accomplish this by aiding your practice in coding optimization reviews and cash flow analysis.

We provide complete and thorough follow up on all patient accounts and records via HIPAA adherent electronic claims submissions. We can assist your practice with educational services and fee schedule reviews. MAS is also an EHNAC Accredited OSAP data center. This ensures the security of all your patient data; you never need to worry about data loss or breaches.

Our goal at MAS is to be your business partner in order to transform your practice into an efficient and profitable healthcare service location.

Our Team

Mark Wal – President Tom Wal – Vice President

MAS is here to help provide you with the services you need. Contact us today to learn more!

Interested in learning more about how MAS can help you and your practice operate at peak performance? Contact us today to get a free consultation and analysis of your practice.

MAS – Medical Account Services | A Coronis Health Company
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MAS & Coronis Health

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