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You Care, We Collect

Southeastern Michigan based CRT Medical Systems has been around for more than 30 years and is the medical billing expert for all your clinical practice needs.


You’re a doctor. Period. But somebody must look after the financial health of your practice. You need the revenue cycle management specialists at CRT Medical Systems. Our medical billing services experience enables us to identify the redundancies, the hemorrhaging, inefficiencies, and wheel spinning that reduce your practice’s profitability.

For more than 35 years, CRT Medical Systems has seen it all and done it all. We know the technology, industry, and regulations; we’ve learned what works and what to avoid. We know how to get you paid from day one.

The bottom line: CRT Medical Systems and its team of experts streamline your revenue cycle and enable your staff to become more informed. Your practice will not only become more profitable but more efficient too.

Look. Just because you took the Hippocratic Oath, doesn’t mean you have to operate in the red.

Why CRT?

Trust. Mutual respect. That’s what you should feel about your medical billing partner. You want one that exhibits expertise, intelligence, and, yes, a little humility, while delivering security, support, and profitability. You want one that understands that each practice is unique, having its own set of strengths and symptoms. And you want one that knows how to get at the simple and fundamental question: How can you be sure that your practice is operating as efficiently and profitably as possible? Together, you and your CRT Medical Systems will find it.

CRT is more than simply a medical billing company. We are active participants in the process of Revenue Cycle Management and see every aspect of the services we provide as an opportunity to help your practice to become more profitable.

We help your practice managers and office staff make the right decisions at the beginning of the billing process. Your practice collects more, faster, and with fewer rejections.

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Solutions and Services

Revenue cycle Management pricing ranges between 3% to 8% of collections

  • End to end Revenue Cycle Management
  • A call center for questions and payments
  • IT Support
  • Education in MACRA, MIPS, and other incentive programs
  • Financial analysis and review
  • Denial follow up
  • Demographic, insurance & claim data entry
  • Posting of patient and insurance payments
  • Coding and compliance support
  • Delinquent patient collections
  • EMR interfacing and integration
  • Claim appeals

With more than 35 years of experience, we understand that one service does not fit all practices. That’s why we have employed our expertise to develop custom solutions for your practice and its workflow. We call it FiscalCare®. This suite of services is designed and aimed at solving each and every issue in your revenue cycle. The days of only worrying about the insurance side of things are long behind us. Now we must focus on each individual aspect of the revenue process in order to deeply understand the nuances contained within each of them and to ensure a smooth and steady cash flow.

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stock image of a medical billing outsourcing

Partnering with CRT means we become your complete billing department solution. We take care of everything, while at the same time allowing you to fully maintain access and control of your billing through dedicated teams of people and software accessible on any device.

Since we understand every facet of your revenue cycle and have the professional management and resources to stay on top of issues, efficiency is assured. That, simply stated, results in a more smoothly running and more profitable practice for you.

CRT Medical Systems’s ultimate goal is to help doctors be doctors. Do we think we can do what doctors do? No, not even for a moment. But, we do believe we can eliminate distracting worries that prevent doctors from giving patients their undivided attention.

Our Team

David Doyle – Chief Executive Officer

A lifelong Michigan resident, David Doyle founded CRT Medical Systems in 1981. David brings experience from his early career as a lead programmer for many fortune 500 companies and governmental agencies as well as creating his own companies for IT staffing, programming, and enterprise software sales.

Angela Papazian – Senior Billing Supervisor

Angela has been working in the revenue cycle management industry for more than 16 years. She has knowledge pertaining to every healthcare specialty imaginable.

Vincent Azzopardi – Posting Department Manager

Vince has been with CRT for more than 12 years. It all began with a part-time job. The rest is history. Vince now manages the posting, mail, and scanning departments of CRT.

Eric Moler – Director of IT

Eric Moler isn’t your typical IT guy; he does quite the opposite. He has the energy and proven ability to manage multiple priorities while working with highly effective communication. Eric’s understanding of systems has enabled CRT to optimize every application to its fullest.

Karen Metzler – Vice President of Billing Services

Karen brings 25 years of medical billing experience to CRT. Her leadership and contribution have led her from not just managing the billing staff but also overseeing the entire billing department.

Raymond Deming – General Operations Manager

Ray has been with CRT Medical Systems, Inc. since its inception in 1981. From Computer Operations to Customer Support and diagnostics, Ray has contributed to CRT’s growth and success.

Conner Doyle – Director of Business Operations

Conner started with CRT more than 14 years ago counting and sorting claims in the mail room. Since then, he has worked in almost every department at CRT. If something can be done quicker and more efficiently, he is the one striving toward this goal.

Alex Ramos – Director of Client Services

Alex began his professional career at CRT 12 years ago. He currently oversees CRT’s Client Service department, which is responsible for all projects associated with client creation, enrollment, integration, support, and training.

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This is a business, it’s the business of delivering healthcare, and there’s no way we can deliver world-class healthcare unless we collect the monies for those services rendered. That’s where we believe CRT is in a unique position to help.

About CRT

CRT Medical Systems is a homegrown Michigan-based revenue cycle management company. It was founded in Detroit more than 38 years ago in 1981 by its current president, David Doyle. Upon graduation, David began his career as a software developer. After a few years of working in the IT industry, he discovered a deficiency in healthcare. This deficiency was the lack of efficient software and technology. From there he embarked on a project to develop a medical billing platform for laboratories, and this project soon leads him down a new path. Upon completion of the platform, CRT soon becomes the very first company to offer billing software time-sharing services via a modem in 1985. Moving into the early 90s, he began noticing a new problem within healthcare: doctors were spending almost as much time on administrative tasks as they were on the clinical ones.
From that point forward, CRT was no longer a software vendor. David now envisioned something else for CRT, and that new vision was a company centered around one simple concept: to help doctors be doctors. This idea, along with our business, has grown and flourished over the past nearly four decades, and this concept has become the foundation of our company. Throughout the years, David and his team at CRT have been aggressively adapting with the ever-changing healthcare landscape, and this adaptation has allowed us to learn what works and what doesn’t. Ever since its inception, CRT has been thinking outside the box and redefining what revenue cycle management really means. Let us show you what it’s like to work with revenue cycle experts, so you can get back to doing what you do best: being a doctor.

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