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Independent Practices

Why physicians are concerned about public access to medicare payment data

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Evaluating practice performance – start with the numbers

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The business of delivering healthcare

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Five strategies to compete with retail clinics

Obamacare didn’t just create a consumer market for health insurance through commercial health insurance exchanges. It has created a consumer market for healthcare provider services through rapidly increasing out-of-pocket obligations and a “cash on the barrel-head” mentality empowered by health and medical savings accounts (HSAs and MSAs).

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Merging insurers with AI: Could independent practices benefit?

If you combine these two articles, one would think independent practices should get better allowables. Read these articles for some more food for thought:

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5 tips to save your practice money

The ability of patients to pay their medical bills is declining due to rising out-of-pocket costs from high-deductible health insurance plans. Combine this with continuing reforms to the nation’s healthcare system, and it’s becoming more and more challenging to keep your practice readily profitable.

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