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Revenue Cycle Management

Coronis Health’s innovative use of tech and focus on financial independence saves you money by outsourcing all billing and coding.

But we do so much more. Success in healthcare finance and revenue cycle management is an ever-moving target. Healthcare clinical solutions evolve at the speed of light, while revenue cycle technology often lags behind.

We ensure you’re taken care of from coding through A/R collections to help improve your cash flow without increasing workload. We can help monitor ASC insurance contract rates.

At Coronis Health, our mission is to change the landscape of software development for medical billing and revenue cycle professionals by finally giving them the automated solutions necessary to succeed. Another benefit of the services provided by a good medical billing company is increased collection rates for your practice.

We believe in a multi-faceted approach to Revenue Cycle Management software solutions, which drastically improves Accounts Receivable Management processes and performance, while stopping the inflow of new unpaid claims. Our best of the best in revenue cycle management can help you find lost revenue, close aged payments, lower your time in AR, and handle collections in an efficient and responsible manner. No matter your challenge, Coronis Health is equipped to help you manage various revenue cycle problems.

Our systems rely on data that is already at your fingertips. Quickly and easily leverage your remittance data and pre-existing reports in your practice management system, without costly time consuming interface projects that rely too heavily on your IT department.

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We are invested in your financial success. We’re equipped to deal with practices of all sizes and specialties. Ready to make a change?

AR Challenges with RCM

Extended time in AR can greatly disrupt your practice’s cash flow. There are many causes, but failure to address it leads to loss of revenue. Coronis Health works with your team to slash time in AR, leading to consistent cashflow that immediately helps your bottom line. 

Staff Challenges

“Our practice has had a turnover on our billing team.”

Losing billing employees has a great impact on your revenue cycle. Often accounts receivables can be one of the first tasks set aside while your staff works to keep up with new claims. As a result, your cash flow and revenue are greatly impacted.

Billing, system, and human resources are expensive and often difficult to maintain. Quite simply, most medical organizations’ billing personnel do not have the experience, time, or resources to get the job done properly in-house.

When outsourcing to Coronis Health, you have more aggregate resources at your disposal. Since billing and reimbursement related systems and services is all we do, we are focused on getting claims paid on your behalf without all the distractions associated with in-house billing.

Legacy AR

“My practice is changing practice management systems.”

When practices change PM’s, they are faced with AR from the legacy system to be worked. Most practices do not have the bandwidth internally to address this while learning a new system and keeping up with new claims.

Payer Reimbursements Changes

“Our largest payer made a change to coding a common procedure for our practice.”

Payers constantly make changes to coding and documentation requirements. Often this results in denials and an increase in AR. For most practices, the billing team is already working at capacity leaving no bandwidth to address the increase in AR.

Coding Compliance and Auditing RCM Services

With a team of certified coders who have a solid understanding of ICD-10, CPT, HCPCS, and the respective guidelines per specialty, Coronis Health can provide Coding Compliance and Auditing services to confirm the integrity of a provider’s current coding and documentation practices. Moreover, because of the demands for further coding specificity, coding accuracy and proper documentation, our team can also assist providers in identifying documentation errors or insufficiencies and offer providers recommendations on how to improve and correct clinical documentation in order to support their hard work and preserve the livelihood of their practice.

Patient Collections 

Coronis Health understands that the number of self-pay patients and high deductible plans is on the rise. Most practices struggle to keep up with patient collections. The insurance world can be overwhelming to patients. Because we are thought leaders in the industry, we work to educate them on their coverage and their financial obligation. Coronis Health takes a caring approach to collect while getting results.

Staffing Shortage

“Our practice’s billing staff struggles to keep up with our payer AR leaving no time to work patient collections.”

Patient collections are incredibly time-consuming. Most practices do not have the internal resources to take on patient collections. On top of the time constraint, most practices see poor collection rates.

Collection Agency

“My collection agency is harassing our patients.”

Patient collections are a very tricky business. Often times practices outsource to collection agencies because they lack the bandwidth internally to handle collections. Patients often complain that the agency is harassing them which leaves them with a poor perception of your practice. As a result, you may lose patients.

With high deductible plans on the rise, patient collections are becoming a daunting task for providers. Coronis Health works with you to create a process for collecting at the front and back end of the revenue cycle as well as provides staff to take care of collections. Let Coronis Health help you increase your patient collections and eliminate the time-consuming task of following up.

Coronis Health provides flexible solutions to meet the needs of your practice. Whether it’s cleaning up legacy AR or filling staffing needs, Coronis Health is here to help. With more than 30 years of providing AR services to practices and hospitals, our team of experienced staff understands the importance of working down AR. We’re here to help your practice get your AR under control and most importantly get you paid.

Can a Medical Billing Company Increase Collection Rates?

Medical billing and collections are critical to the survival and growth of a medical practice. A skilled medical biller is able to efficiently increase collections and reduce the revenue lost due to denials. In addition, a reputed medical billing company can also help reduce the burden of collections.

Medical billing is a complex process where a number of things could go wrong. From coding errors and processing delays to dealing with insurance companies and tracking unpaid patient accounts, your in-house billing staff has to juggle many tasks and also manage patient care.

Hiring a professional medical billing company can reduce many of these time-consuming tasks for you and your staff so you can focus more on patient care. The billing company will manage denials and appeals and use proven billing and collection strategies to reduce outstanding accounts receivables and optimize collection results.

If your practice is experiencing any of these challenges, let’s start a conversation.