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System Integration

Coronis Health integrates the technologies and systems we've partnered with to provide the best service possible to our pathology and lab clients.

Technology: PDM & Partners

Much of the success generated by Coronis Health’s fine staff is complemented by technology. Though countless automated programs and plans have been developed to enhance processes and procedures, thereby avoiding duplication or reducing errors or a number of other very positive outcomes, Coronis’ success is most notably attributed to three key “partners”: NextGen, Xiolink, and eBridge.

We have designed our software systems so they can be easily customized to the needs of each partner while remaining highly scalable. We know what is required for hospitals, independent laboratories, and physician and pathology groups to hone and grow their business. A strong billing capability and billing partner plays a vital role in achieving a laboratory’s success.


The premier health care information system in the US, NextGen is deeply rooted in Coronis’ successful efforts for clients. Having started using NextGen’s Enterprise Practice Management (EPM) product in 1997 as then-MicroMed’s fifth installation, Coronis Health watched and aided in EPM’s enhancement as a superior software solution. EPM is not just a system that sits in Coronis offices, unbeknownst to clients. EPM is a system that Coronis Health uses interactively with clients to conduct the business of billing and collection. Plus, clients use EPM daily to mine data, look up patient information, schedule patients in clinical environments, and capture notes/dictations/scripts. EPM is a very helpful tool on which Coronis Health relies for success in delivering results to its clients.

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In this day when technology is mission-critical, Coronis opted in 2005 to locate its servers and major computer equipment at a state-of-the-art hosting facility in downtown St. Louis with a company called Xiolink. This decision helped with client access, line speed, and ultimately clients’ feelings of being satisfied with the overall services delivered by Coronis Health. It also took the worry out of Summer-time skies turning dark with threats of severe weather. Today, Xiolink provides peace of mind with model security and safety for Coronis’ hardware. Over time, the relationship with Xiolink will allow Coronis to expand without the pains of adding space for computers or worrying about the safety/security issues of having such equipment onsite.


At a time when Coronis did not believe a superior scanning/imaging solution existed (at a fair price), eBridge surfaced as a potential solution of significant proportions. Beyond Coronis’ greatest expectations, eBridge has performed as a very reasonably priced, incredibly user-friendly ASP system that takes the difficulty out of scanning. Coronis Health’s management scoured the US for just an adequate imaging product and never dreamed of finding and using something so superior in every regard — a work of genius by its developers.

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Coronis Health utilizes state-of-the-art technology and platforms to support the all aspects of the revenue cycle, including core production functions, patient and client interactions, and executive information requests.

We designed our cloud-based billing system to be flexible and scalable. We recognize that labs operate in different markets and have unique challenges and that a “one size fits all” billing system will not readily accommodate every laboratory. We interface with any LIS and work to ensure that our software and file definition structure supports the needs of each lab. Every installation is built around our robust and proven core platform and includes all the necessary tools to support your business without adversely impacting cash flow.