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Molecular Diagnostics

Complete RCM solutions for labs of all sizes specializing in molecular diagnostics

Molecular Diagnostics are at the forefront of disease detection and personalized medicine with the constant development of new technology. The ever-changing development of new testing, methodologies, and results for patients can create a challenging reimbursement environment. Staying up to date on the latest trends and changes in coding and payer guidelines can be a monumental task on top of ensuring the day-to-day billing gets done.  

With decades of lab management and lab billing experience and a specialized team of former lab professionals, the Coronis Health Laboratory & Pathology team understands the unique billing and RCM challenges that molecular diagnostics labs face and brings an experienced and dedicated billing team to help support your molecular lab or molecular testing platforms.

coronis health molecular scientist working with petri dish

Molecular Diagnostics Services

Coronis Health provides laboratory medical billing services for:

  • COVID – PCR Tests
  • Genomics
    • Pharmacogenomics (PGX)
    • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • Respiratory Pathogen Panels
  • Wound Care Panels
  • Autoimmune Disorders

Why Coronis Laboratory and Pathology?

Proprietary Technology

Coronis Health invests in technologies specifically designed to maximize revenue for labs. Our latest investment, RCM Clarity can:

  • Seamlessly integrate any laboratory information management system (LIS) with our expert billing software
  • Automatically attach correct CPT codes based on payer-specific rules
  • Apply knowledge-based rules to claims data before entering the billing system
  • Automatically add relevant information to improve first-pass payments
  • Apply payer, provider, laboratory, procedure, diagnosis, and geographic-specific rules to claims
  • Provide proprietary laboratory analytics

coronis health molecular scientist holding test tubes
coronis health medical biller using calculator

Lab RCM Specialization

Coronis Health’s Laboratory & Pathology team is made exclusively of former lab professionals and lab RCM specialists. Our team understands the complex revenue cycle process for labs specializing in molecular diagnostics. Coding for new tests and technology, managing out-of-network payers for long-term profitability, and providing scale for rapid growth are among the many ways Coronis Health’s Laboratory & Pathology team stands out from generic billing companies.

We use our niche industry knowledge to lower your lab’s AR, improve collections, and maximize your revenue.