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Hospital Outreach & Outpatient Laboratories

Successful outreach programs are the foundation of a successful lab function for the hospital. 

Hospital outreach laboratories play a critical role in the healthcare system by leveraging the fixed lab assets of the hospital to create a local and profitable lab and diagnostic capability. 

But not all hospital outreach laboratories are created equal. Hospital outreach and outpatient laboratories only grow and maximize revenue when deploying lab-specific tools and processes — the commercial lab market is a highly competitive space. While the scale and stature of a health system can be a tremendous advantage to the lab program, standard hospital processes and structures can often impede the lab’s growth objectives.

That’s where Coronis Health comes in. Our expert RCM and billing team have the unique advantage of inside knowledge having run and performed billing for highly successful outreach programs. With a variety of former lab professionals and lab billing specialists, Coronis Health understands exactly how to maximize revenue for hospital outreach and outpatient laboratories.

Challenges for Hospital Outreach & Outpatient Labs

  • New System Integration
    • Rapidly changing laboratory information management system (LIS) technology can slow the integration process, particularly when labs use in-house billing teams without up-to-date knowledge on new system integrations.
  • Managing New Modalities
    • When labs segue into new testing modalities, coding errors and billing mistakes can occur due to growing pains.

How Coronis Health Can Maximize Hospital Outreach & Outpatient Laboratory Revenue

  • Coronis Lab partners with health system stakeholders to help create a focused workflow and collections process.
  • Lab industry knowledge allows Coronis to develop a revenue cycle process that targets the labs, but still fits within your hospital environment.
  • Contracting support from a large organization can help identify holes in your revenue cycle without financially straining and taking resources away from your lab.
  • Coronis Health offers strategic planning that impacts revenue and patient out-of-pocket support.
  • With proprietary technology, including our RCM Clarity™ system data management tool, Coronis can effectively analyze report data, apply payer, provider, laboratory, procedure, diagnosis, and geographic-specific rules to claims, and improve claims processing for labs.

Coronis Health has the industry-leading experience, technology, and support to maximize your revenue and improve your cash flow.

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