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5 Tips for More Accurate FQHC Billing

December 14, 2022

Accurate FQHC billing is key to successfully reimbursing your facility’s rendered services. From using the correct CPT codes and modifiers to staying up to date on changes in billing regulations, there are proactive steps you can take to ensure cleaner claims and faster payments. 

Here are five tips to avoid errors and accelerate your billing process:

1. Make Sure You’re Using the Correct CPT Codes for FQHC Billing

When used correctly, CPT codes streamline reporting and claims processing. Unfortunately, staggering numbers and letters can make it difficult to code correctly, and inaccurate FQHC coding is a significant source of claim rejections.

The combination of technology and coding expertise improves medical coding accuracy. Automated programs, like claim scrubbers, can match all the codes on claims with the services rendered. The program flags any mismatches and tells you to correct them. An experienced medical coder can look at the findings, verify them, and make the necessary changes before your revenue cycle is interrupted by coding setbacks.

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2. Bill Promptly and Accurately to Ensure Timely Reimbursements

Cloud-based practice management software and other billing applications let you automate basic billing functions to improve accuracy and document turnaround time. These digital tools allow you to better organize and track documents, which means faster claims submission and reduced errors. 

3. Use Appropriate Modifiers to Indicate Services That Were Provided

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Since modifiers provide additional information about a procedure, their proper use ensures accurate billing. Omitting them or using the wrong modifiers may affect reimbursements and cause time-consuming denials. Coding done right the first time helps you avoid the labor-intensive work of appealing denied claims.

4. Stay Up To Date on Changes in FQHC Billing Regulations

You need a dedicated staff trained in FQHC medical billing to remain compliant, mitigate risks, and maximize revenue. They are trained to stay abreast of the ICD database and industry trends, such as new technologies, software, and other tools that assist in administrative workflows, which enable them to stay efficient and compliant.

5. Educate Your Staff on Proper Billing Procedures

Investing in the education and training of your in-house billing team can be too costly and time-consuming. Partnering with a billing company gives you immediate access to experts who can navigate the entire FQHC revenue cycle management process and its billing procedures for you. By allowing the experts to handle RCM, you can ensure more accurate billing, and your staff can focus more on patient care.

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At Coronis Health, our practice managers remain vigilant and compliant amid the changing chorus of governmental/carrier billing and documentation regulations and compliance requirements. We ensure your collections are easy to manage and denials are kept to a minimum.

Coronis Health provides FQHC billing solutions to meet the needs of your facility. Whether it’s patient collections or filling staffing needs, Coronis Health is here to help.

To learn more about our FQHC medical billing services or to request your free financial checkupcontact Coronis Health today.

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