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FQHC Revenue Cycle Management

Coronis Health’s focus on financial independence and innovative use of tech saves you money by outsourcing all billing and coding.
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But we do so much more. Our top revenue cycle management can help your FQHC facility find lost revenue, lower your time in AR, close aged payments, and handle collections efficiently. Coronis Health is equipped to help you manage various revenue cycle problems, no matter what you might be facing.

We are invested in the financial success of your center. Ready to make a change?

Advantage Health Centers was just looking for help with billing when they hired Coronis. What they got was better billing and a whole lot more. By looking beyond billing and building a true revenue cycle solution, Coronis was able to increase Advantage’s blended encounter rate by over 50 percent.

What is Revenue Cycle Management?

Billing isn’t revenue cycle management

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Revenue cycle management is often confused with billing. Sure, a medical billing company can send out claims on your behalf, but that will not help you identify and stop the revenue leaks in your current processes.

Practice management software isn’t revenue cycle management

Practice management software is a tool, not a billing solution. Coronis’s team of CHC revenue cycle experts understands how to optimize your practice management system and make it work for you.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is…

every step of the claim lifecycle. From the front desk all the way through payment posting, Coronis looks at every portion of your billing process as an opportunity to increase revenue by identifying and then correcting the root cause of the problem.

Results of a Coronis optimized revenue cycle include:

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AR Challenges With RCM

Too much time spent in AR can greatly impact your center’s cash flow. Coronis Health partners with your team to cut your time in AR, leading to more consistent cash flow and a healthier bottom line.

Payer Reimbursements Changes

Payers frequently make changes to documentation and coding requirements. This practice can lead to denials and increased AR costs, which most FQHCs do not have the bandwidth to handle. 

Coding Compliance and Auditing

Coronis Health offers coding compliance and auditing services to manage your current coding and documentation practices. Our team also provides support in identifying documentation insufficiencies and errors, while giving recommendations on how to improve and correct clinical documentation for a more efficient and accurate process. 

Patient Collections 

Coronis Health understands that most practices struggle to keep up with patient collections. Most practices do not have the internal resources to manage collections and see poor collection rates. Coronis Health takes a caring approach to collect while getting results.

Staff Challenges

Loss of your billing employees significantly impacts your revenue cycle. AR may be one of the first tasks you must set aside to allow your staff to keep up with new claims. As a result, your cash flow and revenue can suffer.

Coronis Health provides flexible solutions to meet the needs of your facility. Whether it’s patient collections or filling staffing needs, Coronis Health is here to help. Every one of Coronis’s clients has experienced increased revenue. Why shouldn’t you be next?