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FQHC Coding Services

The Coronis team of experienced and certified coders offers decades of coding experience to FQHCs and CHCs. We understand the importance of getting coding right. 

Coronis Health’s coding services provide temporary, extended, or complete outsourcing solutions for all account types and reimbursement processes. We offer flexible remote coding solutions specifically designed to fit your needs and your budget. Our expertly trained, credentialed coders offer extensive experience with all types of coding necessary for your center.

Coronis Health’s coders adhere to strict coding compliance and quality standards that result in high-quality, accurate code assignment to eliminate disruptions in your revenue cycle. With expertise and a high-touch philosophy, we provide customized solutions and training plans to help you maximize your revenue cycle. 

Our professional coding services include:

What can Coronis Health coding partnerships do for your facility?

Our team can help you produce measurable results to your bottom line right away, including:

Coding presents a number of challenges for centers like yours. With guidelines changing frequently and a competitive coder market, coding can cause disruption in your revenue cycle.

Coding Services for Every FQHC & CHC

What are your biggest coding challenges? Coronis Health has a solution for you. 

Staffing Issues

Hiring good coders with the right experience is a challenge many facilities face. Location can make the hiring process even more difficult. Even when you assemble the right staff, there is no guarantee they will stay with your center.  Coronis Health provides qualified and credentialed off-site coders that fill any gap.


Recruiting experienced and certified coders can be a headache for many centers. Outsourcing takes the burden off a center’s shoulders and ensures consistent performance and TAT.

Coding Changes

Significant coding changes in recent years have left centers struggling to keep up with the guidelines. In addition to CMS changes, every payer has their own coding preferences. Providers who are uneducated in recent coding guidelines can cause denials and low reimbursement.

Provider Coding Training

With the rise of value-based care and quality payment models, medical coding is becoming an even more important part of the FQHC billing guidelines. While providers must enter the medical billing codes themselves, our revenue cycle/medical billing team stays up to date on medical coding rules and guidelines so you don’t have to. We continually monitor claims for denials and compliance issues stemming from medical coding issues. 

If your providers or staff need guidance, Coronis clients enjoy custom medical coding training for your providers to get them up to speed. With a commitment to high-touch service, we offer the choice of training presented face-to-face or online through an FQHC medical coding webinar so your team can learn at their own pace. Additionally, our clients have access to pre-recorded, provider-facing coding education available on demand.

Accurate Coding

Are you performing coding audits regularly? Best practice is to work with a partner to ensure your team is coding with accuracy. Using a third party eliminates any bias and gives a clean picture of how your team is performing.


Without regular auditing by a neutral party, you have no way of knowing how your practice is performing. If you’re seeing an increase in denials or low reimbursement, coding could be the culprit. Regular audits provide insight into potential compliance red flags and, more importantly, missed revenue opportunities.

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Coding Backlogs

Backlogs are a common problem for centers, often caused by a shortage of coders and coding guideline changes that diminish productivity. Unfortunately backlogs can cause a delay in collections, affect your entire revenue cycle and, most importantly, your cash flow.

Coding Support 

Say goodbye to coding related issues with support from the Coronis Health team. Whether the solution is outsourcing, staff training, or a combination of the two, Coronis Health can get you back on track and restore your bottom line. 

If your center is facing any of these coding challenges, Coronis Health can help.