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Why Outsource Your EMS Medical Billing Services?

August 29, 2022

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) are a vital emergency medical care service provided 24 hours a day to anyone in need of medical care. These services are the first response from a health care provider to a medical emergency. Emergency medical services can take various forms depending on where you are and what you need and can range from a single-person ambulance to a large department with multiple ambulances, paramedics, rotar, and other health services.

Due to the range of services, EMS medical billing can be a time-consuming and complicated endeavor, especially for small facilities. Coronis Health is a medical billing and revenue cycle management business that provides specialized solutions with global capabilities. Our experts offer many EMS services, including credentialing, collections, provider management, medical coding, scanning and archiving, and medical billing.

Tailored EMS Medical Billing Services Designed to Drive Results

Not all EMS services are the same, so medical billing requires a personalized approach for each provider based on the practice and services rendered. EMS billing is a complex and time-consuming process, which is why many EMS companies are now outsourcing their billing services to a billing service provider. Outsourcing can provide a more efficient billing and coding process for your company, ultimately improving results.

Efficient medical billing and claims follow-up from an experienced provider allows practices to take advantage of tailored services and maximum results. Not just financial results but efficiency and quality across the entire practice. Tailored EMS services can drive results, including:

  • Better customer service and patient experience
  • Reduced time on repetitive tasks
  • Less time on administrative tasks
  • More time on patient care and services
coronis health ems medical biller conducting a video call on computer

Coronis Health has extensive industry experience in cutting-edge billing technology executed by certified coders and healthcare and EMS veterans. Our EMS medical billing services are crafted to meet all your individual needs and can include:

  • Electronic and paper claims processing
  • Patient statement processing and mailing
  • Insurance follow-up and soft collection services
  • Post patient and insurance payments
  • Secondary and tertiary insurance billing

Become a Trusted Partner with EMS Medical Billing Experts

EMS billing requires a unique set of skills and knowledge to make accurate diagnoses from your patient data. Many EMS companies outsource their billing services to billing service providers, who are uniquely qualified to meet the company’s needs. Medical billing is more than meeting billing needs; it is also creating a team that can evaluate and change together to improve billing functionalities and build a cohesive and effective healthcare service for patients.

Medical billing is more than a business contract with Coronis Health; it is a partnership to make your practice a profitable and efficient system for all stakeholders. There are many benefits to working with Coronis Health for EMS medical billing, including:

  • Forensic follow-up on claims
  • Operational management services
  • Medicare compliance and documentation training for EMTs and paramedics
  • Ambulance service start-up program
  • Increase in cash collections

Coronis Health is invested in your EMS business and has decades of experience providing EMS revenue cycle and financial consulting services to help your practice thrive. During the height of the pandemic we were able to stay fully staffed and perform for our customers which was crucial to their financial health and service continuation.

ems medical biller pointing at graphs with a pen coronis health

Understanding Your EMS Medical Billing Reports and Data

Outsourcing your EMS medical billing can make reports and data more straightforward and accessible. Organizing and interpreting can be challenging and overwhelming when left to in-house employees or providers and may not be adequately utilized. Leave reporting and data to your medical billing vendor for more accurate financial health information. Outsourcing EMS medical billing also ensures access to experts who can better explain reports and data to positively impact financial and business decisions.

Coronis Health is confident in our billing and coding services and has a transparency guarantee, so you see what we see. We provide clean and comprehensive reports and data that are accessible 24/7. EMS providers should always know where they stand, and our customized and detailed statistics make it easier to measure and understand financial performance.

How Outsourcing Your Billing Services Can Increase Your Facility’s Bottom Line

In today’s business environment, you need to be able to offer your customers high-quality services and products. If you don’t have the right resources or processes to do so, you may be missing out on a large amount of potential revenue. An EMS billing company can use an array of specialties to ensure that you receive the most accurate and reliable billing results. The following are just a few of the ways that outsourcing your billing services can increase your facility’s bottom line:

  • Decreases costs associated with billing and claims management
  • Reduces staff time on billing tasks and follow-up
  • Increase your facility’s patient satisfaction
  • Reduce patient delays in care
  • Improve your facility’s operational efficiency
  • Increased and faster reimbursements

Coronis Health leverages the latest technology to ensure the highest returns for EMS. Let us focus on securing every dollar you deserve, so you can continue to save lives and provide quality healthcare.

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Ready to Outsource Your EMS Medical Billing Services and Recover Missing Revenue? Contact Coronis Health Today.

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