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Look for AI to make a difference in A/R follow-up

January 16, 2019

The use of Artificial intelligence(Ai) is becoming more common across many industries and healthcare is no exception. As providers continue to fight for every dollar billed, taking advantage of Ai capabilities allows providers to take a smarter approach to many functions of the revenue cycle.  One key area we are going to see Ai used more is in AR.

AR is a huge time and resource sink for providers. Often times resulting in little revenue collected. By taking advantage of Ai technology, providers will be able to:

  • Focus resources on the right claims
  • Reduce manual follow up
  • Track trends
  • Reduce AR resources

Regardless of medical specialty, the days of transitional “working an aging” are coming to a close.  The use of disruptive technology in the form of Artificial Intelligence is just around the corner, and practices need to be ready with the best technological options connected to streamlined processes to maximize the potential returns from harvesting dollars in accounts receivable.

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