SMS Policy

I.         Scope

This policy applies to Coronis Health, LLC and all of its affiliated entities and subsidiaries and governs the use of Short Message Service (SMS) texting by Coronis Health, LLC for communicating with FirstAnesthesia clients regarding account-related matters.

II.         Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for the appropriate and responsible use of SMS texting to communicate important account-related information to our clients/customers while ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and standards.

By adhering to this policy and procedure, Coronis Health, LLC aims to ensure transparent and effective communication with clients/customers while respecting their privacy and preferences regarding SMS messaging.

III.         Policy

By providing a mobile number and opting-in, clients give Coronis Health, LLC permission to send account-related text messages in conjunction with the services they have requested.

Ownership and Permission

Message Frequency and Charges:

Opt-Out Options:

Support Assistance:

Carrier Liability:

* The above policy statement is posted on for clients to acknowledge when opting-in to FirstAnesthesia SMS messaging.

IIII.         Procedure

Obtaining Consent:

Opt-In Process:

Message Content:

Opt-Out Mechanism:

Support Requests:

Monitoring and Compliance: