Quality Touch

Quality Touch allows clinicians to enter their measure responses for MIPS without needing to use paper based record keeping. From the iOS and Android applications, clinicians can easily scan barcodes or snap photos of stickers to enter Medical Record Numbers. Once the case information is entered, clinicians simply select their responses to each measure or can quickly do “exception based reporting” to select only the measures for which there were individual exceptions. When a mobile device isn’t handy, any web browser can be used to securely connect to a web app version of the same reporting interface, making it possible to record quality data as close to the point of care as possible in any environment.

Install Quality Touch

The Quality Touch application is available for iOS, Android, and via a web app. Clinicians can use all three interchangeably to suit their workflows. After registering an account in one application, you may use the same credentials in any one of the other applications.


App Store Installation

Download and Install

Directly install Quality Touch on iOS Devices.

If you directly install Quality Touch (not using the App Store) and the device does not have Anesthesia Touch installed already, complete the following steps to enable the app:

  1. In iOS, open the “Settings” app
  2. In Settings, select “General”
  3. Scroll down to Device Management and select “Plexus Management Group”
  4. In the Plexus certificate screen, scroll down and select “Trust”


Directly install on Android devices.

Web App

Open up Quality Touch in a web browser.

Registering an Account

After downloading the app and opening it for the first time, you will need to verify your account with your last name, email address, NPI, and a PIN.

After verifying, you will need to confirm your email address and create a password to login in the future.

Selecting a Case with MRN and DOS

Your account is associated with your group and selected measures. You may begin documenting quality measures immediately by matching the MRN and DOS for a case. To enter the MRN, do any one of the following:

Quality Touch will enter today’s date as the day of surgery, but you may modify the date if needed.

Documenting Quality Measures

After the case information is identified, tap through responses to each quality measure. Quality Touch will save your responses to the registry and return to the main screen.

At a glance, from the main screen, you can see the count of cases recorded today and the 3 most recent cases (quickly return to them to review), and buttons to identify the next case via barcode, picture, or manual entry.