Coronis Health, Primary & Specialty Physician

Meet Our Team

Adam Millstein – President

Lauren P. Ballew, MHA, CMPE – VP of Global Operations

Lauren aligns the global RCM teams with the Client Success teams to ensure efficiency in revenue cycle operations for our clients.

Abby Arnold – Vice President of Client Relations

Abby has 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry, working and leading on both the clinical and management sides. 

Lee Katherine Ayerhart, MHA, CMPE – Director of Client Services

Lee Katherine manages the front-end and client-facing revenue cycle processes within Coronis Health’s internal operations.

Angie Butenschoen, VP of RCM Services

Angie Butenschoen joined Coronis Health in October 2021 as Vice President of RCM Services for the Primary & Specialty Physician Services team. She oversees our revenue cycle services and credentialing teams. 

Melody Jajou – Director RCM/Operations

Melody has 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, where she led in Revenue Cycle Management, Client Relationship Management, and Operations Optimization. 

Constantina Hassan – Director RCM/Coding

Constantina Hassan has 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry with extensive knowledge in professional coding and billing in a variety of specialties.

Connor Doyle – VP of Business Development and Operations

Conner began working in the Revenue Cycle Management industry close to 20 years ago.

Karen Metzler, VP of Administrative Services

Karen brings 25 years of medical billing experience to Coronis Health.