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Coronis Health’s Private and Speciality Practice Service Group offers consulting services to over twenty specialties nationwide, with certified coders and experienced consultants being intricately involved with each client, for those looking to improve their RCM and reduce overhead and up collections.

Running a business is challenging. It can be difficult to take a step back and determine what’s not working when you’re in the middle of it. Whether you’re a small one-doctor practice or a doctor’s group with dozens of partners, we can help you. 

While growth is great, scaling your revenue cycle to accommodate the growth is challenging. Practices learn very quickly that what’s worked in the past may not continue to work once they’ve grown. Evaluating your entire revenue cycle operations and practice management is the key to success.

Business Development

Increase patient retention and new patient acquisition

A decade ago, independent practices had to do very little in the way of business development and marketing. New patients flowed in through word of mouth and physician referrals, and current patients stuck around for generations. Those times have changed.

Patients today have become consumers. With greater access to information about wellness and possible diagnosis of their health issues, patients are taking control of their own healthcare experience. They’re also seeking out practice and physician reviews online to decide where they want to place their trust. In addition, many practices have noticed their physician referral channels drying up as colleagues join hospital systems and begin to refer inside the system.

This changing environment is requiring medical practices to be more strategic when it comes to patient retention and new patient acquisition.

As a component of our consulting expertise, Coronis Health can help you understand the new “patient-consumer” and develop a plan for how to stay engaged. We can address a wide range of factors and tactics to help drive your revenue, including:

  • Physician referral strategies
  • Patient satisfaction and overall experience
  • Websites and social media networks
  • Retail strategies

Strategic Planning and Consulting 

Because of our 30+ years of experience and industry thought leadership, Coronis Health’s Primary and Specialty Physician Service Group offers world-class consulting services. 

Interested in learning how Coronis Health can help?

Create a roadmap for success through strategic planning

Many physician practices are realizing they need to approach business in new ways to remain competitive in today’s market. Coronis Health helps our clients set goals for their organizations and develop long-term visions.

We deploy proven business management tools, strategies, and methodologies that enable practices to adapt and ensure long-term success. Our approach includes:

  • Defining practice goals
  • Identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Assessing the competitive landscape
  • Considering ancillary services to generate new revenue
  • Evaluating current and future technology needs
  • Projecting ROI based on various business models and scenarios

Contract Negotiation

Negotiating contracts takes a specific skill set. With the constantly changing of government and commercial payer contracts, it’s key to know your practice is being reimbursed properly.

Coronis Health has extensive experience in negotiating managed care contracts on behalf of our clients in a variety of healthcare specialties. Because of our experience and leadership within the industry,  we work with all the major payers We understand their plans going in, and we match their offerings with your specific reimbursement needs. We know what factors are negotiable and how to avoid the pitfalls of unfavorable terms. Best of all, we have one-on-one relationships that can make a difference in ensuring a successful contract.

The strength of managed care contracts has a huge impact on the profitability of physician practices. Today’s reimbursement environment is more difficult than ever to navigate. Factors such as increased competition from other providers, overall downward pressure on reimbursements, and fewer payers in the marketplace are collectively resulting in lower reimbursement rates and a greater burden on the practice to prove their value to the payer.

With Coronis Health’s contract negotiation services, we bring experience in these areas to the negotiating table to benefit your practice:

Start-Up Practice Consulting

Coronis Health can also assist start-up medical practices with all aspects of operations. Coronis Health can help your practice with: 

With more than 30 years in practice management and revenue cycle experience, Coronis Health is ready to assist in evaluating processes and workflows. If you have concerns around your practice’s revenue cycle or future, or you are ready to improve your practice’s medical billing, find out what Coronis Health can do for you.