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The range of services provided by the typical cardiology practice can make the billing and coding process especially complicated and time consuming.

At Coronis Health, we specialize in creating unique billing and practice management solutions designed to take our cardiology clients’ specific billing needs into account, in order to maximize profits and reduce or eliminate the administrative costs associated with maintaining a billing department in-house. With industry-leading technology and personal, high-touch service, Coronis Health’s Primary and Specialty Physician Service Group can help your practice succeed and hit financial goals. We have more than 30 years of experience managing the billing and insurance claims process so that our clients are free to focus their time, energy, and practice resources on patient care. Get in touch with Coronis Health to learn more and schedule an appointment today.

Challenges in Cardiology Billing

Cardiology practices are no strangers to auditing. The cardiology practice has a multitude of different factors and units for billing. The practice of cardiology encompasses a wide array of medical services that makes it a necessity for professionals who practice cardiology to completely document each and every billable procedure or interaction with the patient.

Factors include complications based on the patient’s current state before being examined by a medical professional. A patient’s current state affects the level of skill and expertise required of a medical practitioner to assess and attend to the patient’s condition.

Cardiology billing is inclusive of all practices related to cardiology, including procedural and diagnostic services. Accurate documentation of all the procedures performed and all diagnostic services attended to is required to make a convincing and conclusive cardiology billing. Accurate documentation requires a working knowledge of cardiology codes, coding rules, and compliance standards.

How can Coronis increase revenue and reduce costs for your cardiology practice?

  • Rapid and accurate claims submission and follow up. All claims are submitted electronically within 48 hours of receipt.
  • Modern cloud-based medical billing and coding technology.
  • Secure, HIPAA-compliant document management system set up.
  • Customizable “super bill” designed specifically for your cardiology practice.
  • Professional and experienced dedicated physician insurance account executives.
  • Round-the-clock online access to patient records, files, and claims forms.
  • Monitoring and advocacy on managed-care contracts and fee schedules.
  • Regular monitoring of expected reimbursement to realized receipts.
  • Appeals for all underpayments and/or claims denials.

An inaccurate cardiovascular billing procedure may lead to a very steep shrinkage of revenue returns. After all, cardiovascular procedures and diagnostic services are rarely a simple line of treatment that can easily be justified.

Insurance companies oftentimes require a justification from the medical services provider that they were present during the time that the patient was being treated, either through a procedure or through diagnostic services. Coronis Health will be able to walk you through the effective and appropriate ways to document cardiology procedures.