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Coronis Health understands urology billing can be incredibly complicated, and for practices that have their own ambulatory surgery center, the complexity is greater.

Why Coronis?

Coronis Health’s Primary and Specialty Physician Service Group knows how crucial it is for your billing and revenue cycle team to be well versed in the nuances of urology billing and to stay up to date on the latest payor trends and changes. Our decades of experience and innovative thinking mean we’re well-equipped to deal with the complex nature of your practice’s billing needs.

Pure Performance

We strive to be not just a vendor for our clients but a true partner. Our clients know that if they have a question or need advice around the revenue cycle, we’re always there to help. Coronis has brought together the best-of-the-best in medical billing to provide solutions for clients of all shapes and sizes.

ensure our clients are receiving the best performance from our team. We constantly search for ways to improve our processes to ensure your revenue cycle is performing at the highest level.

Coronis Health stock photo of doctor examining patient's lower back

Proven Customer Service                                             

We pick up the phone. It’s that simple. When our clients need a question answered, a report run, or help with a patient’s bill, we’re available. Our clients benefit from a team of people dedicated to their account who are always ready to assist.

Clean Claims                                                            

The key to keeping your AR down is to do the work on the front end. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure your claims go out clean. We accomplish this through thorough coding and documentation reviews. Our goal is to identify under coding, over coding, and lack of documentation prior to claim submission. This results in fewer denials, reduced AR, and improved collections.

System Flexibility                                  

We know that every urology practice has different needs and preferences when it comes to software. Coronis is system agnostic and works on almost every PM and EHR on the market. Coronis partners directly with many software vendors and can help our clients navigate selecting a system that meets the needs of their practice.

Full Transparency                         

Coronis is proud to be fully transparent in our work. We provide regular reporting and analytics so our urology billing clients can be confident knowing exactly what’s happening with their revenue cycle at all times. Coronis works diligently to be proactive in alerting clients of potential challenges as well as making suggestions on how to be more profitable.

Schedule your free financial checkup and learn how Coronis can help your urology practice increase collections and improve cash flow.