Coronis Health, Physician

Accounts Receivable & Denials

With growing deductibles and reduced timely filing timelines, orthopedic practices are getting hit from many angles, and it’s taking a huge toll on their accounts receivables (A/R). Many orthopedic physicians do not have the bandwidth to stay on top of A/R and fight to win claims. It is not uncommon to see one or two attempts to resolve medical claim denials and then write them off. This has a huge impact on a practice’s cash flow and revenue cycle. Practices are hemorrhaging money as a result of poor A/R follow-up, which disrupts the revenue cycle, making it critical to have a clear process in place for follow-up.

Coronis Health stands out in the medical billing industry by providing comprehensive orthopedic billing services, such as audit checks, regular reports, and account analysis. Read more about how to prevent problems caused by orthopedic denials here.