Coronis Health, Pathology & Diagnostic Medicine

Anatomic Pathology

For 23+ years, Coronis Health’s team has delivered superior RCM services in the niche market of Lab and Pathology.

As a boutique RCM company, we’ve zeroed in on the needs of a particular segment of the medical delivery system. There are 5 predominant reasons for using Coronis Health:

  1. Focused execution every day against the needs of every client to the end that they maximize revenue
  2. Integration with a plethora HISs and LISs, including seamless interfaces that convert and manage data flows.
  3. Reaching for high-hanging fruit to capture not just the easy revenue but fight for the harder claims with upfront verification of eligibility, aggressive appeals, and AR follow-up.
  4. Foresight and anticipation of market trends and initiatives both locally and at a national level keep us ahead of issues and able to better strategize for the success of our clients.
  5. Data modeling with strong analytics that drives decisions and helps identify areas to increase efficiency and capture opportunities to have better oversight into the entire RCM process. This simply drives stronger cash collections.

What Makes Us Different

Innovation has always been a trait of Coronis Health with the most recent implementation being Ai4AR, which is a true artificial intelligence application that hunts down the best opportunities to collect with the highest probabilities of generating cash.

Service levels and responsiveness have remained the backbone of taking care of clients.

What we call the “Practice Management Approach” has been the differentiating factor in providing value-added service to clients. It’s a mindset. A way of approaching issues and situations that develop.

Transparency.  That says it all.  There are No black boxes associated with how PDM delivers service.  Open processes.  Open reporting and access.  Nothing is left to wonder, and the organization is open to any client, any time — No go-between staffers or managers since any employee can take care of any need at any time.

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