Partner with Coronis

Coronis Health is constantly looking for likeminded companies and organizations in the healthcare space to partner with. Our clients look to us as not only the company that gets them paid but as a resource for all their practice management needs. We look for partners that are experts in their space, provide outstanding service to their clients and have a unique offering.


Why Coronis?

We understand that you have many options to choose from when it comes to selecting a revenue cycle partner. So why Coronis? We believe we bring a unique perspective to revenue cycle. Coronis provides teams of experts in almost every specialty. Many of our team members have multiple years of experience within their given specialty which means they understand the client's needs and challenges.

Coronis goes the extra mile when it comes to ensuring clean claims. We believe that getting paid faster and reducing AR starts at the front of the revenue cycle. Our teams work side by side with clients to thoroughly review documentation and review codes prior to submission. If there are errors we discuss with the client to agree on a resolution. Coronis clients find that this true partnership between their practice and our team results in a successful revenue cycle.

If you're looking for a unique revenue cycle company that puts your clients and members first, let's connect!