About ML Medical Billing

At ML Medical Billing, we take a high-volume, expert approach to helping you solve a basic problem: How to capture every penny without wasting valuable resources on the time-consuming, complicated, and often tedious necessity of bill collection and claims processing. Simply put, we get you paid faster and easier.

Established in 1985, ML Medical Billing is a family-owned company in Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles and New Delhi, provide services more than 150 practices nationally between our branches in Illinois, Florida, and California.

With ML Medical Billing, there’s no more worrying about costly employee benefits and salaries, absences, employee turnover, continuing education, and claims/statement mailing costs. We outsource your billing process to increase revenue and slash administrative costs. As a full-service medical billing firm, we handle all aspects of the collections, A/R, and claims submission process for practices of all sizes.

Our highly trained and experienced executives stay ahead of the curve when it comes to new rules, regulations, and industry trends that could affect the business end of your practice. We recognize when your needs change and we make the necessary adjustments for you.

ML Leadership

Adam MillsteinPresident, ML

Rhonda ShumwayChief Operating Officer


425 Huehl Rd Bldg
Northbrook, IL 60062