Meet Coronis Health

Founded in 2015, Coronis Health started with the goal to bring together the top specialty revenue cycle teams across the US. The result - a new kind of multi specialty healthcare billing company providing experts across all specialties.

Our Mission

To lead the industry as the most professional, reliable, and principled provider of revenue cycle management services for healthcare providers and their patients, while maximizing value for all Coronis Health customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Our Vision

Delivering the highest ROI in the industry for RCM services, thereby improving healthcare quality by allowing providers to focus on patient care while maximizing cashflow, revenue and profits.

Our Values

Customer focus. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. We achieve this through exceptional responsiveness and proactive service. Our intention is to forge an unbreakable bond with every customer in which they consider us a trusted business partner. 

Professionalism. We treat our customers and co-workers with courtesy and respect. We take ownership for our results and our mistakes. We are honest, empathetic, attentive, and patient. We strive to represent the Coronis brand in every touchpoint.

Integrity. Honesty is the foundation of our work. We deliver on our promises, and every decision is made with the best customer intention in mind.

Results. We strive to produce extraordinary results in all measurables of collections. Our goal is to deliver results that are so exceptional they would recommend Coronis services to their colleagues.

Communication. We are respectful in all communication. We value the insights and perspectives of all employees and customers.


Coronis Health is a group of revenue cycle companies strategically brought together each with their own unique specialty expertise and experience. We started with the idea that no multi-specialty RCM company is an expert in every specialty. It became Coronis Health’s mission to seek out companies with deep experience and success in a specific specialty to join the Coronis family. The result – a new kind of RCM company with teams of experts in over 16 specialties. Coronis Health is built on the foundation of pure performance, transparency and specialization. With over 30 years of experience in healthcare RCM, we've seen it all. We understand the stress and challenges that come with managing your billing and collections process. Most importantly the time it takes away from the reason you became a doctor. Because Coronis takes on the administrative and staffing burden of managing your revenue cycle in house, our clients often see an increase in collections and a decrease in the amount of time it takes to get paid. 

Specialty Expertise

Coronis understands that no two specialties are the same and each come with their own nuances and challenges. For healthcare providers to be successful and profitable, having a team that understands the intricacies of their specialty is paramount. By partnering with Coronis, client’s get not only expertise but also high performance. New clients often see a great improvement in their collections and cash flow. This is attributed to dedicated teams that have deep expertise not only in that specialty but also in reimbursement guidelines.

Software Flexibility

Every practice or hospital has unique needs when it comes to technology. This is often driven by nuances in a healthcare provider’s revenue cycle that software needs to support. Coronis Health works on all systems to accommodate our client’s needs. If a provider is seeing poor revenue cycle performance, the culprit is typically in the work not the technology. Often a change in service providers can improve performance. For clients that have technology challenges, Coronis Health has relationships with many PM and EMR/EHR vendors and will assist in selecting a platform that meets their needs.


Coronis prides itself on building strong, lasting relationships with clients. Often Coronis Health’s role extends beyond being just an RCM vendor. Clients trust Coronis for assistance in everything from practice management to growth strategy. The Coronis team is high touch and attributes success to strong client communication and interaction. Client’s know that when they pick up the phone, Coronis answers. Even with the aggressive growth, our clients maintain the relationships that come with working with a small company.


Coronis is proud to be fully transparent in our work. We provide regular reporting and analytics so our clients can be confident knowing exactly what's happening with their revenue cycle at all times. Coronis works diligently to be proactive in alerting clients of potential challenges as well as making suggestions on how to be more profitable.

Clean Claims

The key to keeping your AR down is to do the work on the front end. Our team goes the extra mile to ensure your claims go out clean. We accomplish this through thorough coding and documentation reviews. Our goal is to identify under coding, over coding and lack of documentation prior to claim submission. This results in fewer denials, reduced AR and improved collections.


To learn more about Coronis Health and our solutions, contact us.

Healthcare providers have many choices when it comes to revenue cycle partners. Why Coronis? It's simple. Our deep specialty expertise, pure performance and transparency. Above all else Coronis Health keeps you at the center of our business. We strive every day to make our client's lives easier by eliminating the headaches of revenue cycle, increasing collections and lowering risk. Coronis is proud of the strong relationships we've built with our clients. When they call, Coronis answers.