Medical Billing

Coronis Health offers experienced, courteous, and professional staff members dedicated to offering comprehensive medical billing and coding.

The primary goal of medical billing is to make sure that the doctor or hospital is paid for their service, while insurance coding is to ensure that the medical visit or procedure is submitted to the insurance company with the correct insurance code so that it can be processed properly. Coronis Health has recently grown, adding partners in a variety of specialties.

Coronis Health is a global innovator in the fields of medical billing and revenue cycle management. We’ve brought together the best of the best in medical billing. Combined with industry-leading innovations and high-touch experience, Coronis Health delivers value to practices and facilities of all sizes. We allow you to focus on delivering care while maintaining your independence and financial security. 

Services Offered

Coronis is a full-service provider of medical billing and revenue cycle management solutions. No matter the size or scope of your business, we can help. 

Account Management: Your dedicated US-based account manager is your main point of contact for day-to-day questions and is there for any and all of your needs. We don’t put you in a box with other clients: you receive custom care and custom solutions. 

Revenue Cycle Management: Not only do we save you money by outsourcing all billing and coding, but we help you find lost revenue, close aged payments, and lower your time in AR. We are invested in your financial success. 

Financial Analysis & Reporting: Coronis provides a detailed report that tells you everything you need to know about your business in a quickly digestible format. We don’t just tell you the numbers, we tell you why the numbers matter. There’s no funnel to get to any one of our US-based Account Managers.

Collections and Denial Management: Coronis focuses on getting you the “last dollar.” With weekly reviews of denials, an industry-leading AR service, and comprehensive insurance follow-up, we don’t rest until every last dollar owed is collected. Coronis is at the forefront of AI for AR, using Artificial Intelligence to completely revolutionize how we collect. Not only does it save money, but it will save time and learn as we go, leading to increased and groundbreaking efficiency and savings. We also call patients 7-10 days after asking if they have any questions so we can explain statements, collect accurate information, and even conduct payments right over the phone. 

Verification of Eligibility: Coronis ensures patient policies cover laboratory testing. Our highly-trained medical experts understand all of the carve-outs and special circumstances, allowing you to focus on patients with the full confidence you will receive payment. 

System Integration: Coronis is at the technological forefront of medical billing. We are integrated fully with major billing software and can process and extrapolate data at a lightning pace. 

Patient Access Management: From billing, scheduling, and registration to eligibility and benefit verification, Coronis can help any size facility make sure patient information is up to date. 

Credentialing: We offer facility and provider credentialing for all billing clients. Because of our service, our credentialing services can be up to half the price of other companies. And because of our experience, we get credentialing done quickly and correctly so you don’t have to worry about getting paid. 

EMR/Technology Integration: We are highly experienced with EMR software, so we execute the coding, and then our billing and collections team gets to work. We’re so confident in our billing and coding abilities that we are fully transparent.

Consulting: We offer consulting services for those looking to improve their RCM and reduce overhead and up collections. Whether you’re a small one-doctor practice or a doctor’s group with dozens of partners, we can help you. 

And more. 

Interested in how Coronis Health can help your practice manage your revenue cycle and medical billing?