Coronis Health, Laboratory & Pathology

The Coronis Health Difference

What makes Coronis Health Laboratory Billing Services different from other billing services and RCM companies? 

1- Different Laboratory Specialties and Sizes

Coronis Health serves both large and small laboratories alike. Whether your lab is: a large clinical and pathology operation that sees over 5,000 patients per day; a focused pain management or molecular lab servicing a multi-state geography with many payers; an independent pathology practice serving local hospitals; or an integrated health system laboratory, Coronis Laboratory and Pathology knows what it takes to optimize outcomes for your lab.

With over 2,000 employees, Coronis has the resources and scale to support your lab as you expand service offerings and grow. We understand the unique pain points that labs experience when entering new modalities.

Our Laboratory and Pathology team approach ensures that clients of every specialty and size get the one-on-one type of individual attention for which we are known. So regardless of your type of laboratory — we can tailor solutions which may very well be the right fit for you.

2- The Best of the Best in Medical Billing, Joining Forces

Coronis Health Laboratory & Pathology is comprised of the top lab billers in the country pooling their global resources to bring customers the best in medical billing and revenue cycle management. One of the most stressful drawbacks of lab billing is finding and retaining talent. Whether you’re struggling to maintain an efficient in-house billing team, or your contracted company simply isn’t meeting your needs, you deserve a team that specializes in lab billing.

With 35+ years of experience in various niches, including labs of all sizes, Coronis offers customers tailored solutions and high-touch relationships you won’t find at a “Big Box” medical billing company.

3- Focused on Your Independence

At Coronis Health Laboratory & Pathology, our team maximizes your ROI by saving you time, reducing your overhead costs, and eliminating errors in your RCM process. We utilize our proprietary analytics systems and experienced lab billers to find and fix holes in your revenue cycle. That way, we can address issues that threaten your lab’s financial independence before they have a chance to impact your workflow.

Our tried-and-true processes allow you to collect on clean claims quickly and efficiently, improve your reimbursement rates, and increase your lab’s cash flow to remain financially independent.

4- Personalized Expertise

Coronis Health’s business is based on long-term relationships between our organization and our laboratory and pathology clients. In order to accomplish this, these relationships must be mutually beneficial. That starts up front before a proposal is even sent.

We make sure our company is a good match for the lab, and they for us. Coronis Health understands that “one size fits all” billing doesn’t work for niche industries, like laboratories. That’s why we provide personalized solutions for every client.

Even if a lab isn’t a good fit fit us, we always point prospective clients in the right direction and help them find a company that suits their needs. We don’t believe in pushy sales tactics, and we assume you don’t either. Our team is ready to find the right billing match for you, whether our initial consultation results in a long-term partnership or not.

5- Our People

A company is only as good as its people, and Coronis Health attracts some of the very best. Every member of the Coronis Health Laboratory & Pathology team has a personal stake in what we do and how well we do it for you.

Experience and talent matters. Coronis Health management members are at the forefront of the lab and pathology RCM industry. At Coronis, our HR and Talent team is constantly looking to find and bring onboard the best billers and RCM talent.

Additionally, Coronis maintains a robust internal talent development structure in order to ensure our clients not only get to work with great billers and RCM managers but ever-improving ones as well. We believe that the services we provide are far too important to treat you like a number. We regard our relationship as a partnership.

6- Customer Service Is Our Only Business

In a time where customer service is pushed to the wayside in favor of answering to shareholders, Coronis Health Laboratory and Pathology retains a customer-centric view on business. Our attitude is that customer service is our only business.

While most companies choose to place business in billing assembly lines, we’re proud of our unique team approach that ensures higher levels of customer service while simultaneously benefiting from the aggregate resources and experience of the larger organization.

Our unmatched customer service starts by setting clients up with one-on-one account managers and continues with laboratory analytics technology that allows labs to see exactly how Coronis’ work is improving their reimbursement rate and cash flow.

The end result is a company that not only maximizes laboratory revenue but also makes sure you can talk to the people who actually do the work and can provide real insights – not status updates.

7- Maximizing Reimbursement

Your success is our success. Coronis Laboratory and Pathology services and systems are geared specifically to provide the highest levels of laboratory reimbursement. They’re designed to get you paid faster, reduce rejections, track claims efficiently, and follow up on unpaid or mis-adjudicated claims aggressively. This is all done without the hassle, headaches, and uncertainties that often accompany in-house billing or traditional billing services.

We start by providing a complimentary financial health checkup. Our experienced team reviews your A/R, scores your individual accounts, and provides an in-depth report of areas we believe can be improved upon. Coronis has access to the information of more than 100 labs, allowing us to analyze benchmarks and provide data-backed information on your lab’s financial health.

8- Advanced, Proprietary Systems and Business Analytics 

Coronis Health boasts some of the most advanced systems in the laboratory RCM business. Many of these technologies are proprietary and only available to Coronis Health Laboratory & Pathology clients. For example, our RCM Clarity™ system works as a smart integration tool that seamlessly ties our laboratory billings system with your laboratory information system (LIS). The system takes thousands of parameters into consideration and then applies both industry, payer, and user-defined rules to data to create the most accurate claims data before submission.

It’s fast, innovative, accurate, and constantly evolving. This technology improves the likelihood of first-pass payments, and it is only available at Coronis Health.

Our proprietary laboratory analytics suite gives your lab complete insight into your performance. It provides extremely valuable (and visual) perspectives on everything from billing performance, referral trends, Accounts Receivable data, laboratory modalities, payer statistics, and laboratory sales rep performance.

These are only two examples of the unique technologies which set Coronis Health laboratory billing services apart from our competitors. Reach out to us to learn more about our other technologies, which can help improve your laboratory performance.

9- Options Come Standard

No two laboratories are the same — so why should a billing service treat them like they are? Needs are different, technologies change, and processes advance. Chances are “one size fits all” service offerings are not the right fit for your laboratory.

A dynamic service offering, which takes future growth and changes into consideration, is always the better choice. Coronis Health offers a variety of options that enable us to configure our services around your lab (and not the other way around).

Coronis Health offers a free consultative review of laboratory billing performance. Contact us today to see if your lab is operating at peak performance.