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Proprietary Technology

Just as it is important to have a highly experienced team of revenue cycle management professionals on your side, it is equally important to arm those professionals with industry-leading tools to make laboratory RCM more efficient and effective.

Not all laboratory billing companies have the same tools at their disposal to help clinical laboratories maximize revenue, but Coronis Health Laboratory Services has a number of proprietary technologies which can help your lab improve revenue collections. 

At the top of the list is our unique RCM Clarity™ system. Developed by our own software engineers, RCM Clarity is a unique, proprietary software solution that seamlessly integrates laboratory LIS systems with our laboratory billing software systems. However, RCM Clarity should not be confused with just a mere “interface engine.” It’s a highly complex, intelligent, “smart integration” data management tool. 

RCM Clarity allows us to:

  • Interface with nearly any Laboratory LIS system, into a variety of billing systems
  • Analyze laboratory result data and automatically attach correct CPT codes based on payer-specific rules
  • Uniquely apply non-standardized knowledge-based rules to claims data prior entering the billing system
  • Analyze and audit LIS data and automatically append additional, relevant information to improve first pass payments
  • Apply payer, provider, laboratory, procedure, diagnosis, and geographic-specific rules to claims
  • Manages a variety of custom pricing scenarios
  • Greatly improve the speed and accuracy of claims processing, especially in comparison to our competition.

Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) produce data that is notoriously incomplete from a billing perspective. This deficiency is typically not the fault of the laboratory or the software itself, but rather the data that is provided to the laboratory from referral sources.  RCM Clarity is uniquely designed to audit and validate LIS data before entering the billing process. In fact, it not only points out where issues are, but can utilize RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and outside integrations with insurance discovery, eligibility, and other tools to supplement the data provided with important key elements — thereby improving the likelihood of payment. With RCM Clarity, garbage in doesn’t always mean garbage out.

Our unique system also has the ability to correctly apply laboratory codes from the results indicated in the LIS system. This is not a standard “one size fits all” calculation, but rather specific to patient conditions, diagnosis codes, as well as payer-specific policies (which always seem to change). Just send us the results; we’ll take care of the rest — quickly and accurately. 

More than just a “claim scrubber” which applies published rules to claims data, RCM Clarity gives us the ability to apply our laboratory reimbursement specialists’ highly detailed, specific knowledge base to claims information in a highly automated manner. We have the expertise and know-how, and our unique processing algorithms in RCM Clarity not only automate the process but constantly evolve to effectively streamline the processing of laboratory claims. Want specific examples? Just contact us and we will walk you through the process in greater detail.

Other proprietary technologies to help your bottom line include our laboratory business analytics suite and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools. 

These advanced technologies are only available through Coronis Health. Contact us today to see how our systems and services can improve your laboratory’s bottom line? We offer a free, no-obligation review of your billing processes and performance.