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Pathology Medical Billing

Coronis Health offers experienced, courteous, and professional staff members dedicated to offering comprehensive laboratory medical billing and coding.

Coronis Health understands the challenges of today’s increasingly complex and ever-changing pathology medical billing environment. Our lab billing team employs many former lab directors and sub practice managers, giving us the advantage of industry-leading knowledge and experience. Focusing exclusively on lab billing enables us to make billing an outstanding core competency for our clients.

We offer specialized solutions to pathology and other medical laboratories. By using advanced technology combined with high-touch relationship building, Coronis Health allows pathology labs to maintain financial independence and cultivate financial success.

Pathology Medical Billing Services Offered

  • Comprehensive medical billing, coding, and collection services
  • Credit balances processing
  • Patient payment posting
  • Charge entry
  • A/R management and follow-up
  • Insurance verification
  • Denial management
  • Analytics and analysis
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Why Outsource Your Pathology Medical Billing to Coronis Health

Many laboratories are unaware of how much outsourced professional pathology medical billing services can help their business. Outsourcing can lead to increased productivity, efficiency – and revenue. You may think that outsourcing billing might seem counterintuitive to your goal of being independent, but just as a doctor’s first priority is the patient, our first priority – and our specialization – is making your laboratory as profitable as possible.

Our proprietary pathology medical billing service and coding review software is designed to track claim status and allows us to improve your first-pass rate drastically. By identifying these medical billing trends, future denials are avoided, and your laboratory can collect every dollar you deserve – quickly. Our medical billing software works independent of your practice management (PM) system, meaning there is no need to change your current PM system. Coronis Health is well versed in many of the top PM systems used by leading pathology practices.

And not only do we take care of pathology medical billing, but we also work to improve every part of your revenue cycle. Our forward-thinking team of experts looks below the surface, identifying and helping you fix the workflow issues that are negatively affecting your reimbursements, including specimen collection, medical coding, practice management (PM) system optimization, and extensive denials management. By going beyond the billing department, we can identify the source of lost revenue and then work with your team to stop them at the source.

Results of a Coronis Health optimized revenue cycle include:

Benefits of Working with Coronis Health

Our pathology medical billing and coding specialists have the resources necessary to focus exclusively on your lab’s financial requirements and billing obligations, providing you with the freedom to focus exclusively on patient care, with the added peace of mind of knowing that not a single claim or payment has fallen through the cracks. Partnering with us provides you with the following advantages:

  • Increased Revenue – A team focused on billing maximizes each insurance claim.
  • Full Revenue Cycle Management Services– Integrating medical billing into all aspects of revenue management means you can have a complete take on what billing means in your laboratory.
  • Dedicated Claims Follow-Up and  – Coronis utilizes leading systems, processes, and training to ensure we follow-up on every claim in a timely manner to ensure you are collecting your payments as efficiently as possible. 
  • AR Management – We manage the AR by reducing it – both by working claims and improving processes so less work hits the AR that requires follow-up. This ensures your lab gets paid faster and has less dollars at risk. We treat claims on the AR like labs treat pending tests. 
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Common Pathology Medical Billing Errors

Just like other medical offices, a pathology medical billing company will often have a fast-paced environment where mistakes can happen. Sometimes, the staff is so focused on their tasks and delivering quality patient care, errors can even become inevitable. However, failure to follow pathology medical billing guidelines can significantly and negatively affect your bottom line. These are the most common pathology medical billing errors:

Interested in How Coronis Health Pathology Billing Services Can Help Your Facility Manage Revenue Cycles and Increase Growth?

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