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Pain Management & Toxicology

Are changing pain management and toxicology billing guidelines interfering with your reimbursement rate?

Whether your laboratory is a dedicated toxicology laboratory, or if toxicology represents just a small portion of your overall laboratory service menu, optimizing payment for toxicology laboratory services is absolutely vital.

As all toxicology laboratories can attest, getting paid properly for services for this modality has proven to be an ever-changing challenge due to factors such as coding changes, payer-specific policies, utilization rules, and correct reimbursement process engineering. Failure to get paid properly has even forced some labs to close their doors.  

The fact is that “standard” or “general” billing companies typically do not provide the type of complex services and technology required to maximize revenue. In sharp contrast, Coronis Health Laboratory and Pathology is a proven leader in the field of Toxicology Laboratory Reimbursement.  Over the past many years, our laboratory billing leaders have pioneered new processes and billing technologies specifically for toxicology laboratories.

When combined with the tremendous billing experience of our laboratory RCM (revenue cycle management) professionals, the result is improved revenues and increased operational efficiencies for our laboratory partners.

Pain Management &
Toxicology Billing Challenges

  • Frequently shifting guidelines that make it difficult to keep up with testing and administrative responsibilities
  • Growing popularity of pain management and toxicology labs means in-house billing teams don’t always have the industry-specific experience and knowledge to successfully manage and scale the billing function with the business.
  • Staff turnover that takes time and resources away from the lab’s day-to-day management and creates disruptions in the revenue cycle

Why Choose Why Coronis Laboratory and Pathology

  • Seamless billing integration with virtually all Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
  • Proprietary technology, including auto-coding from laboratory results based on insurance specific rules
  • The application of thousands of proprietary billing rules developed by our billing experts based on many years of toxicology billing experience. (Many rules are not published by payers and are not readily available, except through extensive payer experience).
  • Unique insurance electronic eligibility verification, including insurance discovery services
  • Aggressive insurance claims follow-up
  • Use of proprietary Robotic Billing Process Engineering (RBPA), which assists our staff in areas such as claims follow-up and appeals management providing more time for claims follow-up
  • Highly experienced toxicology reimbursement specialists dedicated to improving laboratory profitability
  • Proprietary toxicology laboratory analytics to keep your lab on top of profitability indicators, salesperson production, rejection trends, and payer dynamics

While each lab is unique, Coronis Health Laboratory and Pathology has a track record of improving revenues for toxicology laboratories through unique proprietary, innovative, and proven service offerings. Improvement has been dramatic in many instances. 

Still on the fence? Contact us today to schedule a free financial checkup. We find missing revenue in 95% of cases and are confident we can fix any holes in your revenue cycle.