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From chart audits to the review of your billing and collections data, we can provide a specific, tailored recommendation and report. 
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Our Pathology & Laboratory Consulting Services

Coronis offers the following consulting services:

Benefits of a Laboratory Billing Consulting

For many laboratories, billing consulting is an effective way to achieve the required deep analysis that will aid in preserving and growing their financial resources. Consulting with an experienced partner, however, gives you a more thorough approach that goes beyond just producing financial reports or adding new software. Specifically, laboratory billing consulting provides benefits such as:

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Boost Profitability

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of billing consulting is reducing your lab’s operating costs and improving your cash flow. Billing can take a toll on many labs, and expert billers and consultants should be able to help you explore the best pathology laboratory solutions to get the payments you need. Below are tips on how to boost your lab’s revenue:

By focusing on these pathology laboratory solutions, you will surely notice a steady rise in your lab’s revenue. 

Focus on Healthcare

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With the help of billing consulting, you get to optimize your system, and this means more time to focus on what matters most –your patients. The more time you spend focusing on healthcare and your patients, the quicker you can provide the best treatment or resolve patient issues. And by providing top-quality patient care, the more reputable and trustworthy your lab becomes as patients will remember your level of care and will more likely pay in a timely manner.

Why Choose Coronis Laboratory and Pathology for Your Pathology Lab Consulting

At Coronis Health, we understand how running a business is incredibly challenging. We know it can be difficult to take a step back and determine what’s not working when you’re in the middle of it. Coronis Health offers consulting services, and with certified coders and experienced consultants being intricately involved with each client, we can help those looking to improve their RCM, reduce overhead, and up collections.

While growth is great, scaling your revenue cycle to accommodate the growth is challenging. Healthcare organizations learn very quickly that what’s worked in the past may not continue to work once they grow. Evaluating your laboratory’s entire revenue cycle operations and practice management is the key to success.

With more than 30 years of experience in practice and revenue cycle management, Coronis Health is ready to assist in evaluating your processes and workflows. Our financial consultants will provide you with an outside perspective with insider expertise, providing healthcare practice consulting to evaluate billing, reimbursement, and compliance operations at all levels. Our consultants can deliver solutions that help you maximize your revenue cycle and optimize efficiencies to reduce costs while increasing the value and capabilities of your billing function. 

If you have concerns around your laboratory’s revenue cycle or future, contact Coronis to learn more about our world-class consulting services and how you can discover the best path forward for your laboratory.