Coronis Health, Laboratory & Pathology

Automation Tools & Ai4AR™

Human error is one of the leading causes of claim denials in medical billing and revenue cycle management (RCM). Data entry, researching claim information, and other manual processes are time-consuming and vulnerable to mistakes. While these errors may seem minor, they can slow your reimbursement rate and diminish your revenue.

With 35+ years of experience, seven specialized service groups, and 31 million+ claims processed each year, our team understands how quickly tedious processes and human error can weaken a healthcare facility’s success. That’s why Coronis Health integrates automated tools into every aspect of the revenue cycle management (RCM) process to ensure accurate and efficient results for our clientele.

Robotic Process Automation

As leaders in medical billing and RCM, Coronis Health strives to improve cash flow and drive cash into our clients’ pockets. Robot Process Automation (RPA) is an essential part of that commitment. With RPA, our team implements bots to perform manual processes, such as:

  • Scripting
  • Website navigation
  • HotKey shortcuts
  • Logins
  • Record downloads and searches
  • Salesforce claims uploads
  • Claim information searches
  • Spreadsheet creation

Improve Processes, Minimize Costs

Bot automation allows us to automate and duplicate highly replicative, repetitive procedures with substantially fewer errors than manual input. Our bots constantly run to gather and organize claim information quickly without the time and potential mistakes that often accompany manual processes. They free up resources for our team, so we can focus on collecting more revenue for your facility.

The Future of RCM: Ai4AR™

Processing data is just as important as capturing and organizing it. At Coronis Health Laboratory and Pathology, we’ve developed our proprietary Ai4AR workflow to revolutionize how we not only review and process denials, but also how we prepare and submit claims. This has had an immediate impact by maximizing revenue and reducing denials for our clients.

How Ai4AR Works

Ai4AR runs each claim through an algorithm to group together denials and organize them in order of importance. The tool combs through each denial and attaches a predictive value and probability of acquiring payment.

Clarify Your AR

With Ai4AR, we know exactly which claims are likely to gain the highest payments. Our team then takes that information and resubmits claims in order from highest to lowest probability of payment. The higher the probability of payment, the sooner you’re likely to see reimbursement for your submitted claims.

Ai4AR also sorts each claim by payer, so our team has foresight into which insurance companies are consistently issuing denials for your services rendered. We can use this information to stop claim denials at the source and improve your RCM.

Benefits of Ai4AR

Robotic Process Automation and Ai4AR clarify your A/R and pull it into focus. With Coronis Health’s proprietary automation tools, you can stop denials at the source and streamline processes to save time, resources, and money on administrative staff.

To find out how automation at Coronis Health can increase revenue for you, schedule a free financial health checkup today. We find missing revenue in 95% of our audits and are confident we can help your facility thrive.