About KSL

KSL Billing and Management was founded in 2003 by Mike Linder. Mike was then the CEO of a large physician practice owned by a hospital system. The system made the decision in 2003 to transition the group into private practice. At that time, Mike made a transition and started his own billing company, KSL, with the newly formed private practice as his first client. Given his extensive management background and education, starting a business was inevitable. The business successfully grew through strong relationships and performance for 14 years. In 2017, KSL joined Coronis Health. Mike saw the need to join a larger organization that would give him the opportunity to scale operations as well as gain access to key business functions that were a challenge to deploy given their size. In addition, joining Coronis gave KSL access to other healthcare leaders to share knowledge and best practices.

KSL’s mission has always been simple-To grow a practice’s revenue. Our primary service is handling your billing and collections, and we have consistently achieved results above industry standards for important benchmarks like Days in A/R and Net Collection Percentage. The science of medicine is hard enough. The science of profitably delivering care is another discipline altogether. At KSL, we believe your focus is medicine, while our focus is exclusively the business of medicine. The result is a system that consistently generates profitable returns for your practice. We will help you collect money you have already earned, so the end result is that your job becomes easier and more efficient, and your bottom line increases.

KSL brings you caring, hardworking people who treat your account as their business. Our value-added services are tailored to help your operation run more efficiently; more than our competitors who focus simply on submitting claims, KSL maximizes your revenue and reimbursement. That's the KSL advantage. If increasing your profitability were as simple as increasing volume, we would simply advise you to take on more patients. Instead, our approach is designed to help you capture reimbursement for the work you are already doing – revenue you are entitled to--but may be slipping through your fingers, due to errors or oversights.

KSL Leadership

Michael LinderPresident, KSL

Samantha HoodOperations Manager

Vicki TalleyBilling Manager


1120 S 6th St,
St. Louis, MO 63104