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System Integration For Revenue Management

Have you ever been part of an integration process that stopped you and your revenue collections in your tracks?

Coronis has mastered strategies and will work individually with you to create a valuable partnership and solution to your needs. 

We provide a world-class team to help deliver the best services in billing, collections, and denial management services. We have strategies to maximize the timeliness of resolution in a provider’s soon-to-be-replaced AR system, allowing your internal resources to focus on the implementation, training, and utilization of the new system. With full system integration in place, your revenue cycle management becomes more efficient, less stressful for your staff, and more profitable for your hospital or surgery center.

It’s time to take your system integration to the next level. Coronis Health can help.

What Exactly is Systems Integration?

Many hospitals, surgery centers, and rural community facilities use a variety of systems throughout their revenue cycle. This approach can create complexity, as each system needs to be compatible with the others in order for the cycle to operate as smoothly as possible. In most cases, it is impossible to develop a seamless system of revenue cycle management with multiple vendors and systems involved in the process.

Systems integration from Coronis brings your processes under a single umbrella, providing that seamless cycle that minimizes errors and increases revenue. As your entire revenue cycle is managed by a single source, it becomes easier to pinpoint areas of lost revenue, tweaking the cycle to maximize cash flow for your center.

What Does Systems Integrations Mean for Your Hospital’s Billing

With Coronis at the helm of your revenue cycle management, all of your processes are overseen by a single source, including: 

  • Billing
  • Charge Entry
  • Collections
  • AR Follow-Up
  • Payment Posting
  • Denial Management
  • Pre-registration
  • Scheduling
  • Credit Balance Accounts
  • Early Out
  • Patient Collection / Self Pay
  • Bad Debt

What does that mean to you? It means a smoother flow from the moment your patient schedules an appointment to collecting on delinquent accounts. Every step of the process is consistent, leaving less room for error and ensuring you can maximize your revenue cycle management from beginning to end to maximize cash flow. By relying on Coronis to handle the details of your revenue cycle management, you and your staff can focus on what you do best – caring for your patients.

Main Benefits of Coronis Health’s Systems Integrations

When you outsource your revenue cycle management to Coronis Health, our team of medical billing service experts will partner with your center to handle billing, A/R, collections, and all the other daily tasks that go into keeping your center financially healthy. By overseeing all the steps of the cycle, we are able to pinpoint areas where you might be losing revenue and affecting your cash flow with errors or inefficient processes. We can streamline the revenue cycle process to ensure you maximize your profits and your cash flow, without taking valuable time away from patient care. 

Benefits of Coronis Health’s systems integration might include: 

At Coronis Health, we provide experienced medical coders, IT specialists, and other experts to keep your revenue cycle running smoothly. We can help you work through any backlogs that are grinding your back office operations to a halt and reduce claim denial to boost your cash flow. With the ability to integrate with a broad range of systems, we can partner with you without a complete upheaval of your operations, ensuring a smooth transition and more efficient revenue cycle management overall. 

Outsourcing Solutions for All Your Needs

We get it. Your staff is overworked and overwhelmed, trying to keep up with every coding change and handling claims rejections as well as collections. With so much time spent on these tasks, who has time to provide the highest level of patient care? When you outsource your medical billing to the experts at Coronis, you gain the most valuable resource of all – time. We will reduce errors and increase your efficiency so your staff can focus on more important responsibilities. With 100% transparency, you will see everything we see, so you will have peace of mind in addition to more time to spend with your patients.

Your Journey With Our Medical Billing Service

Don’t juggle multiple systems and vendors because you think that is the only way to perform comprehensive revenue cycle management. Coronis Health will come alongside you in all of your back office tasks to create a seamless, more efficient, and more profitable process all while remaining fully compliant with all CMS requirements and HIPAA standards and regulations.

It’s time to take your system integration to the next level. Contact us today, or request your free financial checkup to see exactly how our medical billing service can help.