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With decades providing medical coding services to practices and hospitals, our team of experienced and certified coders understand the importance of getting coding right.

Coronis Health’s innovative Hospital Service Group provides flexible solutions to meet the needs of your hospital. Whether it’s audits or outsourcing, Coronis Health’s best-of-the-best team is here to help. Our certified coders review every claim before it goes out the door to be in compliance with medical billing guidelines, maximize claim reimbursements, and reduce denials.

Both hospital billing and billing for ambulatory surgery use CPT codes in order to bill the procedures correctly. ICD-10 codes can only be used in cases of inpatient procedures. Knowing the code and to what procedure the codes correspond allows for more extensive and specified billing services.

Coronis Health’s Coding Services provide temporary, long term, or complete coding department outsourcing solutions for all account types and reimbursement methodologies. We offer flexible remote coding solutions specifically designed to fit your needs and your budget. Our expertly trained credentialed coders have vast experience with inpatient, outpatient, clinic, and professional fee coding.

Coronis Health’s coders adhere to strict coding compliance and quality standards that result in high-quality, accurate code assignment—guaranteed!

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Our professional coding services feature:

  • Credentialed coders
  • ICD-10 coders and certified ICD-10 trainers
  • Extensive Corporate Coding Quality and Compliance Program
  • Direct access to the coding services management team to define operational service level expectations
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Adherence to facility-specific coding policies and procedures
  • Secure coding by direct access or your IT system or on a secure ASP
  • Flexible weekday, evening, weekend, and holiday schedules

Coronis Health coding partnerships lead to immediate and measurable results to your bottom line:

Coding presents a number of challenges for practices. With guidelines changing frequently and a competitive coder market, coding can cause disruption in your revenue cycle.

Outsourcing Solutions:

Many hospitals choose to eliminate the headache of recruiting experienced and certified coders. Outsourcing takes the burden off a hospital’s shoulders and ensures consistent performance and TAT.

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Staffing Concerns:

My practice struggles to find certified and qualified coders.

The coder job market is competitive. Finding and keeping good coders with the right experience is a challenge many practices face. The location of your practice can make hiring even more challenging.

Coding Education:

Our doctors code their charts but struggle to keep up with the ever-changing coding guidelines.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen significant changes in coding. As a result, many doctors are struggling to keep up with the guidelines. On top of the CMS changes, each payer has their own coding preferences. Failure to educate your providers can result in denials and low reimbursement.

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Are you performing coding audits regularly? Best practice is to work with a partner to ensure your team is coding with accuracy. Using a third party eliminates any bias and gives a clean picture of how your team is performing.

How do I know if my practice is coding correctly?

Without regular auditing by a neutral party, you have no way of knowing how your practice is performing. If you’re seeing an increase in denials or low reimbursement, coding could be the culprit. Regular audits provide insight into potential compliance red flags and, more importantly, missed revenue opportunities.


Backlogs affect your entire revenue cycle and cause a delay in collections. Unfortunately, with a shortage of coders and changes in code guidelines which decrease productivity, backlogs are common.

My practice has a large coding backlog.

There are many factors that cause a backlog. Maybe your backlog is due to staff turnover, made software changes or CMS releases new code changes. Regardless of the reason, coding backlogs impact your entire revenue cycle and, most importantly, your cash flow.

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