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Hospital Medical Billing Services

By bringing together the best healthcare revenue cycle management and medical billing professionals, we have the workforce and technology to provide the most current and innovative solutions to optimize the billing process, minimize errors, lower your costs, and comply with the latest regulations.

At Coronis Health, we know that your facility’s stability and growth heavily depend on your revenue cycle management’s efficiency. We also understand that the medical billing process can be burdensome for both patients and healthcare providers, and it takes time for a facility to create an efficient medical billing process. Our medical billing services can help you get there. 

Our medical billing specialists help hospitals navigate the healthcare industry’s competitive landscape and find opportunities that will allow them to achieve optimum reimbursement. As your partner, Coronis Health will make sure you are 100% compliant, able to receive patients, and bill out-of- or in-network. We will help you employ the best practices to ensure you reduce debt and unpaid bills while maximizing your profits. 

Our transparency, and extensive experience in inpatient and outpatient networks, give us the ability to provide excellent medical billing services tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Coronis Health’s Hospital, Facility & Surgery Center service group offers specialized financial and medical billing solutions to all types of hospitals, including FQHCs, SNFs, LTCs, and surgical centers.

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Our Professional Medical Billing Services Feature:

  • Comprehensive medical billing, coding, and collection services
  • Credit balances processing
  • Patient payment posting
  • Charge entry
  • A/R management and follow-up
  • Credentialing and enrollment of providers
  • Insurance verification
  • Denial management
  • Reporting

Staffing Solutions 

Medical billing is a tedious process that requires in-depth knowledge of medical billing codes and time for multiple interactions between a biller, an insurance company, and a healthcare provider. With Coronis Health as your partner, you do not need to worry about dealing with the cost pressures and the inadequate supply of skilled medical billers. With our highly competent billers and advanced technology solutions, we can take that load off your shoulders and handle it for you. 

Billing Education 

Our medical billing services give you 24/7 access to all financial reports. Our reports are clear and comprehensive, and we break them down to allow you to closely track your facility’s financial health and find ways to improve your revenue. Our staff stays abreast of the latest industry trends and the most advanced technologies while remaining fully compliant with all CMS requirements and HIPAA standards and regulations.

Hospital Billing Software

At Coronis Health, we understand the value of automated processes. That’s why we utilize cutting-edge tools to our advantage to deliver cost-effective and efficient services to our clients. Depending on your preference, we can work with your current software. Our team of billing specialists is experienced in top facility billing systems, including Cerner, AllScripts, Epic, NextGen, MEDITECH, CPSI, and many others. Software agnosticism also enables us to provide 100% transparency, allowing you to keep an eye on your financial performance while gaining valuable insights into the way we do business.

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Billing Backlog 

There is no “cookie-cutter” solution to resolving billing backlog because the factors contributing to it vary. Whether it’s volume increase, IT problems, or limited labor pool, you will need an experienced innovator in the medical billing field. Coronis Health is familiar with all significant platforms, maintains relationships with every primary insurance carrier, and helps clients navigate new revenue streams. 

Coronis Health can plug in and take over your backlog in a matter of days. Our track record on handling billing backlog shows we can successfully clear up internal processes, manage redundancies, and get your claims cleared and reimbursed, enabling you to provide quality care while growing your business.

Signs Your Facility Could Benefit from Outsourcing 

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