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Account Management, Financial Analysis & Reporting

U.S. hospitals and physician groups today face numerous obstacles in their efforts to control operating costs while providing high quality care to the patient populations they serve. Unfortunately, many healthcare providers do not have access to the expertise necessary to maximize the RCM process.

A tight labor market, increasing costs, decreasing reimbursements, and a complex payer mix provide increasing pressure upon providers. These challenges, along with others, simultaneously impact healthcare providers on a variety of fronts: their revenue, their costs, their risk exposure, and their outcomes.

Specific examples of this include:

  • Declining patient volumes
  • Decreasing reimbursements
  • Deteriorating payer mix
  • Increased patient responsibility
  • Fixed cost structures
  • Capital investments and sunk costs
  • High compliance obstacles
  • Increasing legislative and regulatory complexity
  • Shift to value-based reimbursements
  • Patient engagement and satisfaction requirements
  • Consumer-driven healthcare
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In light of these challenges to balancing quality patient care with the cost of providing it, Coronis Health has developed a proven, end-to-end, revenue cycle solution based on the measured value we deliver to healthcare providers.  This model includes a distinctive operating partnership and an aligned financial relationship, coupled with leading-edge resource and technology positioning. The end result is a solution that reduces RCM costs and increases efficiency and profitability.

Night Hawk Program

Coronis Health’s Night Hawk program provides an unprecedented level of customized workforce optimization options for today’s healthcare finance challenges. We start work when your day ends. Coronis resources are often engaged so that a provider’s patient accounting staff can focus on what they deem most important. Our experienced billing and coding team members work overnight and throughout the weekend to provide you immediate performance improvements across your entire revenue cycle. Coronis is able to coordinate RCM support staff to pick up where provider resources left off, making sure that collections are maximized and internal resources fully optimized. We effectively get more revenue into the system in less time and at a lower cost.