Free Financial Check-Up

We find missing revenue in 95% of our financial checkups. 

Missing revenue holds practices back from growing and limits their ability to remain independent. Coronis Health offers free financial checkups to medical practices and facilities so you can see exactly how our expert team can help your practice grow.

How Your Financial Checkup Will Be Performed

First, you may complete this form to let us know you’d like an assessment.

One of our team members will reach out to you to schedule time to talk through your unique case. Either through a conversation over the phone or through email, we will request the necessary information from you to complete your financial checkup. The main information we will need is:

Receiving this information will allow us to evaluate your Accounts Receivable and show you where future issues are potentially hiding.

 You may also choose to grant us temporary access to your billing system so we can log in and look into the data ourselves. We will export what we need and then: 

With this breakdown, we’ll be able to help you evaluate where to apply resources and where you should spend efforts to more thoroughly collect.

What You Will Learn After Your Checkup

Once your checkup is complete, we’ll tell you whether you are collecting what you should be and show you:

We can also answer questions such as:

Ready for Coronis to find your missing revenue?

Get Your free 1:1 financial checkup. We find missing revenue in over 95% of our checkups.