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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Facility’s CHC Medical Billing Services

The key to optimizing your revenue cycle is connecting with a billing company that truly understands your organization’s mission and function. 

Outsourcing medical billing is a trend that is sweeping across the healthcare industry. Recruiting the assistance of trained experts ensures that not only is your cash flow sustainable, but also that your entire revenue cycle is operating at optimal levels. 

Coronis Health is known for providing exceptional outsourced revenue cycle management services, but we also specialize in medical billing and complete revenue cycle management for community health centers (CHCs). The unique structure of a CHC requires skilled professionals who understand the foundational nuances of billing and are adept at drilling down to the finite details and challenges that CHCs face with billing and revenue cycle management. 

Maximize Profits By Outsourcing Your CHC Billing

The mission of a CHC is to provide quality primary healthcare services to the underserved and uninsured, so billing should not be a primary concern for the staff in a qualified community health center. When the focus on billing and revenue cycle is outsourced to a company like Coronis, you can rest easy knowing that certified, experienced billers are working to maintain an optimal revenue cycle for your organization. Coronis takes the burden of collections, denials, and resubmissions off the plate of your staff so they can focus on the most important part of your mission – the patients.

The challenges a CHC faces are compounded by the dependence on federal funding, potential cutbacks, and the uncertainty of revenue every month. When a center moves past the basic operational costs of salaries, training, and other expenses such as benefits and taxes, the additional stress of uncollected balances, increasing A/R, eligibility problems, and denials or resubmissions places unwanted strain on your staff. 

Outsourcing your billing will ensure that you are maximizing your center’s profits by decreasing denials and days in A/R, improving your first-pass rates, and reducing your resubmission rates. The answer for your revenue cycle management challenges lies within the expertise of the professionals at Coronis Health.

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Why Choose Coronis Health for Outsourcing CHC Medical Billing Services?

Coronis Health is not only well-versed at medical billing – we also provide services to help you improve provider coding and growth strategies. Take a look at what Coronis Health can accomplish for your center:

Types of Services We Provide

  • Revenue cycle management – not just billing, but the entire big picture of your center’s revenue cycle to increase profits and decrease your stress 
  • Advanced claim denials management – claim submission is just the beginning; finding the root cause of your denials helps to correct issues and prevent resubmissions
  • Benchmark reporting – with a robust SWOT analysis, Coronis Health can place you at the top with data that drives your strategic planning and decision-making. 

The icing on the cake is the freedom your team will gain from giving Coronis Health the reins to guide your center to a sustainable level of success without the weight of managing billing, coding, and the full court press of revenue cycle management. 

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Questions About CHC Medical Billing Services? Contact Coronis Health Today!

Coronis Health is the solution to your revenue cycle management challenges. When you recognize that your CHC is in need of more than just a billing Band-Aid, contacting our team of experts is the next step in creating the freedom you and your team need to focus on the center’s mission of providing excellent patient care.