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FQHC Provider Enrollment & Credentialing

One in three claim denials are caused by provider credentialing and enrollment errors, leading to delays in payments and interrupted cash flow. Using Coronis Health's FQHC provider enrollment services can help you eliminate claim rejections and denials caused by inaccurate or incomplete provider enrollment.

We know credentialing is a time-consuming task that requires diligence, which is why Coronis Health features industry-leading tech innovations to make it a painless process. We include credentialing services with our revenue management programs. Coronis Health’s team has 100+ years of combined experience with various specialties, so we can get you credentialed and paid by providers.

Enrollment and Credentialing Features:

Credentialing often requires multiple calls to payers and resources. Many centers already have a lean billing staff, which doesn’t provide bandwidth for adding these additional tasks to the job. Coronis Health’s global team can help by taking the credentialing process out of your office and allowing your staff to focus on other matters.

Experience You Can Count On

With 100+ years of combined experience, Coronis Health’s expert team understands the FQHC credentialing process’s complexities. Our specialized solutions make the often daunting process simple and hassle-free for you.

Coronis Health’s Full-Service FQHC Provider Credentialing Includes:

If your practice is experiencing any of these challenges, let’s start a conversation.

Coronis Health has two credentialing services options. We can assist as needed or ongoing to ensure a seamless process when new providers join your practice. Don’t risk losing revenue or patients because of credentialing. Let Coronis Health help.